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As the New Year is traditionally the time for resolutions, we asked our academics and facilitators to share their wisdom, and either tell us about their own career resolution, or to offer some new year careers advice.

Here’s what they told us…

Career resolution 1: Plan, Act, Enjoy, Repeat

Gill Avery

portrait of Gill AveryMy advice for guiding your career in 2017 would be to pay attention to what you enjoy. At the end of a working day, pause and revisit the moments during the day that you really enjoyed. Remember what were you doing, recapture how were you feeling and reflect on how you were using your strengths at the time. Imagine how you can give yourself more of these moments in your future career, plan, act, enjoy and repeat!

Gill Avery coaches people in designing how they use their strengths to create flourishing lives and businesses. She leads Westminster Business School’s strengths workshop for women.

Career resolution 2: Ask yourself: “Why not?”

Catherine Botting

portrait of Catherine Botting

If there is one thing we can all do to help ourselves in 2017, it’s to become aware of the negative things we say to ourselves that limit our self-belief. Notice when you tell yourself that you can’t do something, or that you’re not good enough and replace that negativity with something positive. The question to ask yourself in 2017 is, “Why not”?  Ask it enough times and you will run out of excuses for not taking that next step towards your ambitions.

Catherine Botting who delivers Understanding and Developing Yourself through MBTI is a coach and Organisation Development specialist, working with people and organisations to help them move forward to achieve their goals.

Career resolution 3: Focus on the big picture

Dr Spinder Dhaliwal

portrait of Spinder DhaliwalMy career resolution is to use my time and energies wisely, and to focus on the big picture. It’s too easy to let the little and urgent issues take over your time at work.

I want to be more strategic about the projects I take on.  Most importantly, I want to use all the tools that have worked well for me in the course of my career and input them into my work at Westminster. I want to get re-acquainted with my professional networks and to develop new networks inside and outside the University.

Spinder Dhaliwal is Director of Postgraduate Programmes for the Westminster Business School and a Reader in Entrepreneurship. She is the author of The Millennial Millionaire.

Career resolution 4: Explore how to future proof yourself

Andrew Hick

portrait of Andrew Hick

Take time out to review where you are in your career. What do you want from your career going forward? What do you enjoy about your job and which aspects would you jettison, if you could? Then review your options. Are your ambitions likely to be best met by your present employer, by an external organisation or in some other way?

When reviewing your career, think about the longevity of your job, company and sector given the disruption that is being forced by the latest Industrial Revolution. How can you future proof yourself and fulfill the wish list I asked you to consider at the outset? How might you become an architect of this revolution, as well as your own destiny?

What advice would you give to those you lead, your children or younger people you have a vested interest in/mentor? Could that advice apply to you?

Andrew Hick is an executive search consultant and executive coach who has worked at Board level for over twenty years and contributes to Westminster Business School’s Women for the Board programme.

Career resolution 5: Take that first small step

Bhagwan Moorjani

portrait of Bhagwan Moorjani

A career is a journey and every journey begins with a small step and continues once the step has been taken in the right direction. Even if the direction is not clear, it is better to take a small step than none at all. The New Year resolution should be to take a small step and start the journey.

Bhagwan Moorjani is a principal lecturer and course leader for Westminster Business School’s professional accountancy courses, including the ACCA qualifications.


Career resolution 6: Share goals & successes… & get a reality check

Dr Ruth Sacks

Dr Ruth Sacks

Whatever you decide, tell someone you trust what your goals are and what sort of support and encouragement you would like them to give you:   A regular meet up/ catch up? Something stronger?
It’s important to share your successes as well as your trials and tribulations and get their views and reality check.

Ruth Sacks is Westminster Business School’s Business Development Director and a principal lecturer. She designed and runs the Women for the Board programme.

Career resolution 7: Network more, learn & experiment

Mike Vernon

portrait of Mike VernonMy career resolution? Network more and do more predicting of trends. Learn and experiment. Political, economic and technical (blockchain, AI, AR, IoT etc) – I call them PET changes – are coming at pace.  The implications for professionals, particularly artificial intelligence, are that the risk landscape is changing and the competitive advantage will be gained by innovating business models using the disruptive potential of PET. Innovation is key, so get this, your job is no longer your job, and your job now is to change the way work serves your customers.

Mike Vernon is MD and founder of Consulting People Ltd (CPL)., an action research consultancy which for 25 years has partnered change leaders in achieving transformation in business, team and individual performance. Together with Gill Avery, he leads Westminster Business School’s one-day workshop: Risk Management for Leaders: Identifying and Leveraging Latent Risk.

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