Vali Lalioti using virtual reality headset

 We interrupt this blog to bring you an advertisement for an exciting, interactive and fun workshop that’s been updated to include the latest Virtual Reality (VR) tech. Book now.

Play The Innovation GameTM

If you’re looking for ways to bring your idea to market, or want to work with others to make things happen faster in your business.

If you want to engage other people’s skills and enthusiasm to improve an idea, product or service

If you want to explore Virtual Reality and discover your personal innovation strengths…

… you can’t miss innovation expert Professor Dr Vali Lalioti’s next workshop!

Disruptive Innovation

Weds March 15 2017
9.30 – 13:00
Westminster Business School
Book now

People Innovating using virtual reality at Vali's workshop
Innovating with Virtual Reality in one of Vali’s workshops
  1. Learn where good ideas come from and how to work better with others to take ideas quicker to market
  2. Innovate hands-on in teams with Virtual Reality and be part of a 360 VR Innovation Game™
  3. Discover your Innovation Colours™ and where, in the innovation process, you naturally shine
  4. Learn how to inspire an innovation culture and lead teams through creative conflict to deliver impactful innovations.

During the workshop you will

  1. learn from the latest neuroscience research about where good ideas come from
  2. test out tools and techniques you can use with teams to improve ideas and your business
  3. put theory into practice innovating, in teams, with Virtual Reality
  4. connect with other professionals using an innovator’s mindset.
image of workshop participants making virtual reality headsets
Hands-on innovation

What participants say

“I liked the hands-on, interactive and team coaching approach. This is learning that sticks and I applied it directly back to my business.”

“I was resistant at first but Vali helped me become more open to innovation. Within five months I delivered new technology, inspired by dolphins, increasing efficiency and cutting ship operating costs.”

What are you waiting for? Book now!

About Vali Lalioti

Portrait of Dr Vali LaliotiVali Lalioti works with the world’s most ambitious organisations to inspire new thinking, ignite action and create impact. She is Director of The Innovation Consultancy and Professor of Leadership. Design. Innovation.

Vali has worked in Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia, holds a PhD in Computer Science and an MBA, and often works in bridging innovation and business and in situations of considerable change. She is a thought leader and inspirational speaker on innovation leadership, and an innovator with a solid technology and business background.

She holds patents in Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) and her global clients include Janssen, Pfizer, Steel Industry, the BBC, Save the Children and the Gulbenkian Foundation.

Vali is an ICF coach and a fellow of the RSA. Both Greek and geek, Vali has lived around the globe and now resides with her family in London.

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