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As this Executive Development Blog is one of many published by the University of Westminster, this week we’re featuring a round-up of some of the most interesting posts in our our sister publications.

Cybersecurity blog: Encryption and why we need it

First stop on our blog tour is the University’s Cybersecurity blog, where Information and IT Security Officer, Graeme Wolfe explains the importance of encryption.

“Encryption, in some form, has been around for many years. Julius Caesar used a simple form of encryption in his messages to his armies, to try to prevent enemies discovering his plans. The German enigma machine of WWII was a huge leap forwards in secure communications and drove the development of the modern computer age.”

enigma machine

Policy Studies Institute blog: Bad news for employees aged 45+

Meanwhile, over on the Policy Studies Institute blogDeborah Smeaton and Michael White introduce their paper – “Britain’s older employees in decline, 1990–2006: a panel analysis of pay“, in Work, Employment and Society, and offer advice on what younger workers can do to best avoid their elders’ fate.

“The media keep telling us that older retired people are better off than the younger generation. While they may have toiled for years to pay off their mortgages, they did have the good fortune to get into the housing market before it went mad and bad. Today’s pensioner households are also enjoying higher incomes than working households for the first time.”

However there’s a but, read their blog post and their paper to discover what it is

Westminster Business School blog: Kidnapped brides and low birth weight

The main Westminster Business School blog features an interview with Muzaffar Ahunov, the Dean for Research and Postgraduate Courses at WIUT – Westminster International University in Tashkent.

Muzaffar Ahunov for blog post round-up

Muzaffar discusses the impact of his colleague Bakhrom Mirkasimov’s co-authored paper on “Forced Marriage and Birth Outcomes”, which focuses on bride kidnapping. The paper was published  in the journal Demography last year and is the first study to quantitatively measure the impact of forced marriages.

“Our findings indicate that children born to kidnapped mothers are of a substantially lower birth weight than children born to mothers who are not kidnapped. “

Cybersecurity again: be careful what you wish for when Alexa’s listening

Back over in cybersecurity, Graeme Wolfe looks at ‘smart home assistants’ and recommends checking the settings so as to avoid unexpected consequences.

The Change for Good blog: much deliciousness

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On a lighter and tastier note, the Change for Good blog part-time carnivore series features delicious and healthy vegetarian recipes. From vegetable bolognese to vegan mac ‘n’ cheese (which sounds wrong but looks right and, as the poster, Cormac writes “Yes, you’re reading correctly. No, it’s not some kind of sick joke. Yes, it’s delicious. No, it’s not difficult.”), there’s something for every taste…

International bloggers: things to do in London

And if you’re wondering what to do over the summer in London, the International Bloggers offer their suggestions: see, for instance, Monique Moreno’s 5 Things You Must Do in London This Summer: tips for making the most of the city even if you’re on a tight(ish) budget.

MBA blog: Show us your boardroom face

And, finally, one thing Monique doesn’t suggest but which you should definitely do, is enter the Boardroom Face competition running on Westminster Business School’s MBA blog. To celebrate the launch of the new MBA in September, they’re offering the prize of an Instax Mini 8 camera to the person with the best boardroom expression. Tweet a selfie with the hashtag #TakeYourPlace and follow @uw_wbs by June 30th to be in with a chance of winning.

info about entering the competition

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