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Because what uni has a cinema, a bar, and really cool alumni? The University of Westminster!

1. Being in central London all the time

It’s a blessing (and a curse sometimes).

Shades of London blue. 🌀 Great photo by @mlle.beachcomber. #LondonIsOurCampus

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2. And having the most beautiful views to look at while you work

Even if they are a little distracting.


3. Escaping the London madness at the Harrow campus

University of Westminster Harrow Campus #pink

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4. Full of amazing art to lose yourself in

Early morning in the MAD Forum #Study #Explore #Pioneer #WestminsterMAD

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5. Or just to take a break to sit on these beanbags

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6. The motivational library messages

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7. Not getting over the historic and majestic architecture

first time here

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8. Or the incredibly cool alumni

I mean, who else can say that Pink Floyd went to their uni???


9. Feeling fancy AF when you have a class or exam in Fyvie Hall


10. Being so close to touristy London attractions

It provides a good distraction during deadline month.


11. Having a cinema right on your doorstep


12. Or sticking to the coolest bar on campus

Monday work mornings #Undercroft #Uni #nevertooearly 🍻

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13. When you or your friends get stuck in one of these barriers on your way in


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14. Always looking forward to unique and interesting events happening around uni

#Repost @skinner_louis ・・・ Watching Lokey at #WSMADFEST #WMIN #ROCK

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15. Like the end of year Boat Party or Awards Ball

16. Graduating in the most picturesque location ever

The Royal Festival Hall couldn’t be a more fitting backdrop for graduation photo


18. We’ll miss you!

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