Moses and local community in Uganda inspiring student

What fascinates me the most about London is its multicultural pot-pourri which you won’t find easily anywhere else in the world.

Not only you get to listen and learn about various cultures and languages from all continents, you are also able to meet people with completely different backgrounds, dreams and goals, some of them highly inspiring and riveting.

In this post, I would like to tell the story of an inspiring student whom I got the opportunity to meet twice – firstly at the International Student Welcome Reception and secondly at the University’s Annual Scholarships Reception, a celebration event for scholarship recipients, donors and university staff and academics. His name is Moses Owori and he has recently started International Public Health Nutrition MSc in September 2015.

Moses is originally from Uganda, where he got his BA degree in Food Science and Technology and worked in several projects focused on public nutrition, including writing for a magazine as a local correspondent. As I talked to him, what impacted me the most is what he intends to do with his studies, which influence directly the development of rural communities in Uganda.

I could also see the strong bond he has with his local traditions. At the scholarship reception, where several students came dressed in their national costume, I learned that “Kanzu”, a long tunic he was wearing there (photo below), is worn by most tribes in Uganda as a traditional attire for men, especially in traditional wedding occasions.

Moses at Scholarship Reception 2015 inspiring student
Scholarship Reception at International House in November 2015

So here goes the interview with Moses where he shares a snapshot of his inspirational story, why he chose the University of Westminster and some tips for overseas students who want to study and experience life in London.

  1. Could you briefly tell us about your background prior to studying at the University of Westminster?

I studied my undergraduate degree at Makerere University in Uganda in Food Science and Technology. In 2013 after graduation, I worked as District team leader of Abim district branch of Community Action for Health (CAfH), supervising a team of 9 to implement a community based nutrition rehabilitation programme in the hard-to-reach vulnerable Karamoja sub-region. I was a food scientist turned public health nutritionist with little knowledge. I also started writing for a local nutrition magazine, sharing my experience and advocating for better policies. So, after two years, I decided to build on the field experience with a Masters in Public Health Nutrition.

  1. Why did you choose London and the University of Westminster?

First I chose the UK over other countries, because Masters degrees here are just one year so I would not be out of the field for too long. I have a friend who studied at the University of Westminster last year and shared a lot about the University with me. The University also made me feel wanted by admitting me within two days of application. I did not have the money to pay for it then, until I learned about the scholarship. In the end, I am here studying my degree on a full scholarship.

  1. What are you enjoying the most about your university life so far?

I love the organisation and the international composition of the community.

  1. What do you want to accomplish after completing your studies?

My long-term goal is to grow my career to the extent that I will have direct influence on the policies that will solve health and nutrition problems in vulnerable rural Ugandan communities.

  1. If you could briefly recommend other international students to study in London, what would you tell them?

I don’t know a better place to study. The support and opportunities available to students, as well as the international community of London make it easier and quicker for one to settle in and concentrate on their studies, while also enjoying the best that London has to offer.

Moses and the local community in Uganda inspiring student story
Moses with the local community in Uganda

As an international student and blogger, I personally thought it was an incredibly motivating story which I wanted to share and hopefully have a positive effect on others. To learn that there are people who are genuinely willing to improve other people’s lives, either individually or collectively, is utterly thought-provoking and uplifting.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the reading and please leave comments if you’d like to share your own inspiring student story or your aspirations and dreams from your studies. I always like to hear and share stories! 🙂

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