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For weeks now I’ve been walking past the Coffee & Cocktails sign on Great Portland Street in central, located just between New Cavendish and Wells St buildings, and I’ve been dying to have a look.

So when I found myself with just over a hour to spare before my dissertation meeting I decided to ditch Starbucks (gasp) and head inside and I was not disappointed.

From the cute vintage inspired decor and the music setting the tone upstairs in the cafe inspired coffee bar to the variety of breakfast and lunch foods laid out in front of me, I was sold. It was the perfect place for me to catch up on some long overdue blog scheduling and press out some finishing touches on my dissertation proposal before heading to my meeting.

Love Die Late: Coffee & Cocktails
Swooning over this gallery wall they’ve put together
Love Die Late: Coffee & Cocktails
My coffee didn’t last very long

As much as I hate to admit it, I actually preferred it to my usual Starbucks, and the muffin! I’m addicted to Starbucks banana nut muffins and they’re my go-to lunch at least once a week but my banana toffee muffin at Love Die Late had me singing a different tune. I desperately wish this shop was closer to home because I would be there all the time doing work or sitting in the corner couch reading, but it will definitely be on rotation come September when it’s back to central for start of courses.

Now, I’m all for a good coffee bar but a good cocktail bar that’s a different story. There’s a fine art to a good cocktail bar, obviously menu and second atmosphere. I’ll admit I haven’t actually been after 5pm when it transforms into a cocktail bar but I did have a peek downstairs at the bar/lounge and it looks amazing. The downstairs looks to fit about forty-fifty people, enough to keep it intimate yet social and there’s even a media display for their occasional vintage movie (bonus!).

Love Die Late: Coffee & Cocktails

This location would be the perfect place to organise a student night or staff night out in central or just a night place to unwind after a long day on campus. I’m regretting not investigating this place sooner because it would have been ideal after my stressful night class last term when everyone was in need of a drink and a place to decompress.

Love Die Late: Coffee & Cocktails
How cute is this corner table?

Love Die Late is definitely a must and one of my new favourite spots during the day and I can’t wait to experience the cocktail side at night.

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