Alyssa International student bloggersAlyssa Moseley

Hometown: Rochester, New York, USA
Programme: Interior Design MA
Graduation year: 2018
Personal blog: Alyssa’s YouTube Channel

I quit my job of three years and moved “over the pond” to complete my master’s degree in Interior Design. My family and friends were all asking me, “Aren’t you scared?” My simple reply, “Nope!” I was excited and now that I’m here, I have no doubts I made the right choice. As a crazy cat lady and a diehard Harry Potter fan, I’m fulfilling my dream of living in London. Let the adventure begin.

Delia international student bloggersDelia Pitu

Hometown: Romania
Programme: Fashion Business Management MA
Graduation year: 2018

Who am I? A creative head, with a businessy background, striving to make it in the fashion industry, but keeping myself busy in the meantime with the exploitation of my hidden talents. A passionate singer and a naive fashionista, I travelled all the way from Romania to check out the wonders of London. I create, therefore I exist.

Nikolay Kolev International student bloggerNikolay Kolev

Hometown: Burgas, Bulgaria
Programme: Journalism BA Honours
Graduation year: 2018
Personal blog:

My name is Nikolay and I come from Bulgaria. I’ve been living in London for a few months now and I am having the best time of my life. I am a first year journalism student at the University of Westminster and I just love it. Every now and then I play the guitar and pretty much all the time I watch football. I love writing about the experiences I encounter and also interesting topics concerning other people. I hope next couple of years will be great and full of knowledge and new people.

nomhle international student bloggersNomhle Shenxane

Hometown: South Africa
Programme: Business Management – Entrepreneurship BA Honours
Graduation year: 2020

I am a young person who decided to take an adventure. An adventure that led me to another country. Scary? I know! But it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My family would probably describe me as a laugher, I believe that laughing is always the best form of therapy. I am a kind, generous, ambitious and vibrant young lady, who enjoys reading and cooking; being in the kitchen is my happy place. Studying at Westminster has given me a great platform to network with individuals from around the globe. I am able to experience various cultures, perspectives and personalities. What a great way to explore!

Rituja Rao international student bloggersRituja Ravikiran Rao

Hometown: Pune, India
Programme: Journalism BA Honours
Graduation year: 2018
Personal blog:

An outspoken, vibrant, quirky, curious goof at heart, I am quite likeable. I write like I speak- catchy, funny and memorable. What is absolutely interesting about me is that I can talk to anyone, any-where, anytime! I am almost always the most excited and enthusiastic person in the room. Other than writing, I watch way too many cat and baby videos online. My friends would describe me as a Know-it-all narcissist who loves clicking selfies. I pride myself on my confidence, because in spite of them telling me, I continue being blindly in love with myself. You could randomly see me around London clicking selfies with the utmost random things. I have just tried on my Londoner shoes and I am excited about being a new sheep in town. A confident, loud adventure on the outside, I am a little soft ball of fur on the inside, telling you my story in this big city.

International student bloggers TapasiTapasi Sharma

Hometown: New Delhi, India
Programme: International Commercial Law LLM
Graduation year: 2018

My name is Tapasi. I am an advocate from India and I’m here in London to do my Masters. My friends describe me as a person who is both stylish and traditional at the same time. I am a very social and talkative person. I can easily strike a conversation with anyone and everyone. I love to shop and I’m also an avid reader. I love exploring new places, things and meeting new people! 

Tracey international student bloggersTracey Kraemer

Hometown: Seattle, WA, USA
Programme: Cultural and Critical Studies MA
Graduation year: 2018

Small snippet: Since completing my undergraduate just outside of Seattle, I’ve been lucky enough to live and work in both Europe and Asia. My passions range from cultural awareness and education, story-telling, exhibitions of all sorts, getting outdoors, and taking photos! I’m a sucker for Thomas Shelby, Dishroom, and the mountains. While I’m no stranger to the rain, life in London is still unpredictable — and I always have my Canon ready!

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