Bri Wink international student bloggersBri Wink

Hometown: Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
Programme: Multimedia Journalism MA
Graduation year: 2017

Four years ago, I fell head over heels in love with London and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. A bit of a chatterbox, I’m super curious about the world around me. I love stumbling upon hidden gems all around the city, like quaint streets, vintage markets and cosy cafes. A pizza enthusiast, I have a soft spot for cheesy pop tunes and an NME collection that is taking over my bookshelf. When I’m not adventuring around the city, you can find me fervently watching game shows and eating peanut butter out of the jar.

Hua LU international student bloggers

Hua LU

Hometown: Wuhan, China
Programme: Translation and Interpreting MA
Graduation year: 2017

London is a city full of wonderful activities and all you need to do is go out and explore. I study at Regent campus, which is at the heart of the city, not far from the West End. So obviously it is quite easy for me to find something exciting to do. I have a lot of hobbies. I love watching movies, shows and traveling, just to name a few. For me the best thing about London is that you can get to know all kinds of culture in just one city. No matter if you’re going to a museum or just sitting in a park, you can always learn something new from people around you.

monique moreno international student bloggersMonique Moreno

Hometown: Houston, Texas, USA
Programme: Social Media, Culture and Society MA
Graduation year: 2017

I originally hail from Texas but I’ve studied in Milan and also spent the past year working in Ireland! I started my high school’s British Club, so I guess you can say I’ve always been a big fan of London. I’m always one to take advantage of an opportunity – have I told you about how I once played a boxer in an Irish commercial, despite never having worn boxing gloves in my entire life? My favorite thing about studying at Westminster has been being able to have classes with people from all over the world – I’ve made so many friends from all parts of the globe!

Nachi international student bloggersNachi Majoe

Hometown: Sasolburg, South Africa
Programme: International Planning and Sustainable Development MA
Graduation year: 2017

I’m a chatter box; a small town girl with big city dreams, that’s why studying here made sense; the hustle and bustle and the ability to disappear in a crowd with all the world citizens chasing their dreams. The international diversity at Westminster is a big draw card, it gives life to my dreams of traveling the world; since I can’t do it all in one day I at least get to be part of the world on campus. I love going on long runs and seeing majestic sights and views followed by a binge on tea (rooibos from South Africa) and breads which means another pleasant run has to happen again to keep the calories at bay.

Nick Louis international student bloggersNick Louis

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Programme: International Law LLM
Graduation year: 2017

I was born and raised just outside Chicago, Illinois. I spent almost 23 years exploring fun and awesome things to do and leaned the best places to eat all around the city. I moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 2006 where I worked as a police detective. During this time, I travelled and found some of the best places to see and more importantly… to eat! I love finding new places to go and foods to try. Travel and adventure are the name of the game for my wife and I and we hope to impart some of those adventures to everyone and show parts of the city and country that are little found and less frequently travelled.

Nikolay Kolev International student blogger

Nikolay Kolev

Hometown: Burgas, Bulgaria
Programme: Journalism BA Honours
Graduation year: 2018
Personal blog:

My name is Nikolay and I come from Bulgaria. I’ve been living in London for a few months now and I am having the best time of my life. I am a first year journalism student at the University of Westminster and I just love it. Every now and then I play the guitar and pretty much all the time I watch football. I love writing about the experiences I encounter and also interesting topics concerning other people. I hope next couple of years will be great and full of knowledge and new people.

Nicole El Helou International student bloggers

Nicole El-Helou

Hometown:  London, UK / Beirut, Lebanon
Programme: English Language and Literature BA Honours
Graduation year: 2017

A fashion conscious international politics follower who loves to write. Coffee is my poison, and teamed with the perfect blueberry muffin, can make any day start beautifully. I can always be found at a Starbucks flipping through my favourite magazines or working on my latest blog post (OR on a university assignment!) and I love meeting new people. I’ve enjoyed being at Westminster so much, in such a scenic campus in the heart of London. Being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of busy city-goers, shoppers, and tourists, makes being alone in a beautiful city just a little bit better.

Rituja Rao international student bloggersRituja Ravikiran Rao

Hometown: Pune, India
Programme: Journalism BA Honours
Graduation year: 2018
Personal blog:

An outspoken, vibrant, quirky, curious goof at heart, I am quite likeable. I write like I speak- catchy, funny and memorable. What is absolutely interesting about me is that I can talk to anyone, any-where, anytime! I am almost always the most excited and enthusiastic person in the room. Other than writing, I watch way too many cat and baby videos online. My friends would describe me as a Know-it-all narcissist who loves clicking selfies. I pride myself on my confidence, because in spite of them telling me, I continue being blindly in love with myself. You could randomly see me around London clicking selfies with the utmost random things. I have just tried on my Londoner shoes and I am excited about being a new sheep in town. A confident, loud adventure on the outside, I am a little soft ball of fur on the inside, telling you my story in this big city.

International student bloggers TapasiTapasi Sharma

Hometown: New Delhi, India
Programme: International Commercial Law LLM
Graduation year: 2017

My name is Tapasi. I am an advocate from India and I’m here in London to do my Masters. My friends describe me as a person who is both stylish and traditional at the same time. I am a very social and talkative person. I can easily strike a conversation with anyone and everyone. I love to shop and I’m also an avid reader. I love exploring new places, things and meeting new people! 

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