International Student Blogger - Grace LeeGrace Lee

Hometown: Seoul, S. Korea
Programme: French with English Language BA Honours
Graduation year: 2020

I am a Korean-American undergraduate student born in the US, now studying Biochemistry in the UK! After a lecture in Plant Conservation that I had during my level 4 studies, I became more and more passionate about global and local environmental issues that I started the Environmental Society at our university this past academic year which has been one of the busiest but also the most fulfilling years of my life. I feel that studying at the University of Westminster has expanded my mind which has led me to come out of my comfort zone and try new things that I never would have otherwise so I am looking forward to sharing some of my journey with to show you just how amazing to be a student at the University of Westminster!

International Student Blogger - Justyna Stuchlik Justyna Stuchlik

Hometown: London, UK / Cieszyn, Poland
Programme: French with English Language BA Honours
Graduation year: 2020

Hello everyone! My friends would say that I am a very positive person. I am a dancer, a traveller, and I love foreign languages and fashion.
My favourite place in London is definitely Liverpool Street, because that was the place where I first worked when I was 16 and is the place that made me fall in love with London. Studying at Westminster has been my dream for a very long time and this dream came true. if I had to choose one the best thing about UoW it would be the people.
My guilty pleasure is probably chocolate or sesame chicken strips from TGI Friday’s, or pizza. If I had to choose the one best thing about the University of Westminster it would be the people.

International Student Blogger - Maria BortnovskayaMaria Bortnovskaya

Hometown: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Programme: Media Management MA
Graduation year: 2019

Hi guys! I am an entrepreneurial minded postgraduate student from St. Petersburg, Russia, currently studying Media Management.
My passion – media and communications, first degree – in international journalism. Career spans across PR, printed and online media with a strong focus on business, financial and cultural news and analysis.
I am fascinated by new forms of storytelling and ever-evolving content personalisation strategies.
What do I enjoy most? I love how my studies at the University of Westminster are broadening my skillset and make it applicable to an international environment.
I am also very much into travelling and good theatre performances – and London is probably the best city on Earth for both! I’m a fan of tennis and planning to join one of the UK’s equestrian centres.

International Student Blogger - Engy SobiehEngy Sobieh

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Programme: Global Media MA
Graduation year: 2019

Hey there! My name is Engy, an Egyptian MA student studying Global Media. I’m a vegan who enjoys watching debate videos, comedy shows and, I’ll admit, reality TV (guilty pleasure!). I’m probably known as the animal-lover who loves meeting and being around people from different cultures, I’m also always down for a shopping trip! Being a student at the University of Westminster has given me the opportunity to experience one of the most metropolitan cities in the world, which means I get to do loads of activities, attend fun events and be exposed to different kinds of people…and I’m loving every minute of it!

International Student Blogger - Emma ZhangEmma Zhang

Hometown: Tianshui, China
Programme: Media Management MA
Graduation year: 2019

I’m Emma, a postgraduate studying media management in the University of Westminster. Born in a small town in China, I have experienced life in both south and north China. I am an enthusiastic solo traveller. I have been to more than 9 countries covering different continents. My next destination? It is always “TBC”. Coming to London is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. While my mind is nourished by the art and diverse culture in this city, my stomach is also satisfied with its black pudding, haggis and a variety of cheese! I am an adventure, always on the road, always appreciating the life, always taking notes and, hopefully, I can also keep sharing them with you.

International Student Blogger - Rachel WestRachel West

Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
Programme: Marketing Communications MA
Graduation year: 2019
Personal blog:

As a simple girl from a southern US state, the thought of moving to a big city was nerve racking, let alone it being one of the biggest cities in the world, London. I knew that my drive, passion, and desire to overcome my fears would lead me down a path of self enlightenment. One of my favorite parts of living in such a great city is getting to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world, and being able to easily travel. When I am not studying, you can find me on a plane going to explore someplace new, or watching animal videos on YouTube.

International Student Blogger - Yu HeYu He

Hometown: Zhuhai City, China
Programme: International Media Business MA
Graduation year: 2019
Personal blog: The Flow of Hedi

I am an MA student who is outgoing, passionate, creative and always loves to explore unknowns. I love the saying that “if you are tired of London, you are tired of life.” My favourite places in London are the many small alleys where you can always find surprises. Studying at the University of Westminster is a brilliant experience and the best chance to have an insight of London. I’m really keen on sharing life experience and hope I can offer you some inspirations of the wonderful study life at UoW in London.

Salome Mamasakhlisi - International Student BloggersSalome Mamasakhlisi

Hometown: Tbilisi, Georgia
Programme: Psychology BSc Honours
Graduation year: 2021

Being an international student can be challenging but that’s what makes the adventure exciting! My friends describe me as an enthusiast and I kind of agree. My high-energy, positive attitude seems to always make me stand out is a social situation. Perhaps it’s my theatre background that does it for me; I’ve been performing in Musical Theatre clubs and societies for years and it’s definitely made me into the confident, outspoken person I am today. And of course, my favourite thing about living in London is being able to enjoy the beauty that is the West End.

Alyssa International student bloggersAlyssa Moseley

Hometown: Rochester, New York, USA
Programme: Interior Design MA
Graduation year: 2018
Personal blog: Alyssa’s YouTube Channel

I quit my job of three years and moved “over the pond” to complete my master’s degree in Interior Design. My family and friends were all asking me, “Aren’t you scared?” My simple reply, “Nope!” I was excited and now that I’m here, I have no doubts I made the right choice. As a crazy cat lady and a diehard Harry Potter fan, I’m fulfilling my dream of living in London. Let the adventure begin.

Emilie international student bloggersMaria Vandenburg

Hometown: London, UK / Seattle, WA, USA
Programme: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Graduation year: 2019

Hi there! I was originally born here in London and spent the first four years of my life living in St. James. We moved to the states when I was 4 but I have always considered London my personal “gas station.” A place that I go to re-energize and re-fuel every now and then. I am currently going through a re-fueling period as I am working through the University of Westminster MBA program and figuring out my “what’s next.” I blog about it all in the hopes that some of you will come along and join me for the ride.

Delia international student bloggersDelia Pitu

Hometown: Romania
Programme: Fashion Business Management MA
Graduation year: 2018

Who am I? A creative head, with a businessy background, striving to make it in the fashion industry, but keeping myself busy in the meantime with the exploitation of my hidden talents. A passionate singer and a naive fashionista, I travelled all the way from Romania to check out the wonders of London. I create, therefore I exist.

Madison international student bloggersMadison Pearce

Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Programme: Multimedia Journalism (Broadcast) MA
Graduation year: 2018

I have always loved everything about big cities. While I could never have imagined that I would be fortunate to live in London, it really has been a dream come true. I am a Starbucks enthusiast and found that London has been the best place to immerse myself in all of my interests. I spend a lot of my weekends drinking tea and exploring the classic/ vintage scene. Through my course I have made lifelong friends from all around the world and can’t imagine better people to share this journey with.

Nikolay Kolev International student bloggerNikolay Kolev

Hometown: Burgas, Bulgaria
Programme: Journalism BA Honours
Graduation year: 2018
Personal blog:

My name is Nikolay and I come from Bulgaria. I’ve been living in London for a few months now and I am having the best time of my life. I am a first year journalism student at the University of Westminster and I just love it. Every now and then I play the guitar and pretty much all the time I watch football. I love writing about the experiences I encounter and also interesting topics concerning other people. I hope next couple of years will be great and full of knowledge and new people.

nomhle international student bloggersNomhle Shenxane

Hometown: South Africa
Programme: Business Management – Entrepreneurship BA Honours
Graduation year: 2020

I am a young person who decided to take an adventure. An adventure that led me to another country. Scary? I know! But it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My family would probably describe me as a laugher, I believe that laughing is always the best form of therapy. I am a kind, generous, ambitious and vibrant young lady, who enjoys reading and cooking; being in the kitchen is my happy place. Studying at Westminster has given me a great platform to network with individuals from around the globe. I am able to experience various cultures, perspectives and personalities. What a great way to explore!

Rituja Rao international student bloggersRituja Ravikiran Rao

Hometown: Pune, India
Programme: Journalism BA Honours
Graduation year: 2018
Personal blog:

An outspoken, vibrant, quirky, curious goof at heart, I am quite likeable. I write like I speak- catchy, funny and memorable. What is absolutely interesting about me is that I can talk to anyone, any-where, anytime! I am almost always the most excited and enthusiastic person in the room. Other than writing, I watch way too many cat and baby videos online. My friends would describe me as a Know-it-all narcissist who loves clicking selfies. I pride myself on my confidence, because in spite of them telling me, I continue being blindly in love with myself. You could randomly see me around London clicking selfies with the utmost random things. I have just tried on my Londoner shoes and I am excited about being a new sheep in town. A confident, loud adventure on the outside, I am a little soft ball of fur on the inside, telling you my story in this big city.

stephanie international student bloggersStephanie Rose

Hometown: San Francisco, USA
Programme: Global Public Health Nutrition MSc
Graduation year: 2018

San Francisco native who packed up and moved to London in pursuit of educational aspirations and adventure. I previously lived my Parisian dreams living in the city of lights and love for a year and a half as a student at the Sorbonne and an au pair. I am passionate about nutrition, travel, and tea. My favorite things to do in London are attending free talks and strolling in one of many beautiful parks London has to offer.

International student bloggers TapasiTapasi Sharma

Hometown: New Delhi, India
Programme: International Commercial Law LLM
Graduation year: 2018

My name is Tapasi. I am an advocate from India and I’m here in London to do my Masters. My friends describe me as a person who is both stylish and traditional at the same time. I am a very social and talkative person. I can easily strike a conversation with anyone and everyone. I love to shop and I’m also an avid reader. I love exploring new places, things and meeting new people! 

Taylor international student bloggersTaylor Eades

Hometown: Tennessee, USA
Programme: Psychology MSc
Graduation year: 2018

Hello! I’m just your typical Tennessee-born, British wannabe who has been obsessed with London since first reading Harry Potter in the 8th grade. My friends would probably describe me as a listener, dreamer, traveler, and coffee snob who loves to discuss films and personality types. I’m an INFP by the way. It’s my first time moving abroad and living in a big city so please join me in discovering the most magical places London has to offer!

Tracey international student bloggersTracey Kraemer

Hometown: Seattle, WA, USA
Programme: Cultural and Critical Studies MA
Graduation year: 2018

Since completing my undergraduate just outside of Seattle, I’ve been lucky enough to live and work in both Europe and Asia. My passions range from cultural awareness and education, story-telling, exhibitions of all sorts, getting outdoors, and taking photos! I’m a sucker for Thomas Shelby, Dishroom, and the mountains. While I’m no stranger to the rain, life in London is still unpredictable — and I always have my Canon ready!

Vilte Keturkaite international student bloggersVilte Keturkaite

Hometown: Vilnius, Lithuania
Programme: Fashion Merchandise Management BA
Graduation year: 2021

Just a new-born fashion student trying to figure things out while living in London, a typical Eastern-European by heart, who was lucky enough to have the opportunity to explore a new country while still being 18 years old, always late and always lost, trying to get the most experiences possible. A blog about fashion and lifestyle, finding in London and everywhere.

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