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London has any number of iconic sights to see – both historical and modern – the city is an ever expanding and developing place with a lot to offer making it easy to get lost in the mayhem. So whether you prefer exploring old school with your walking shoes, taking the ‘hop on hop off’ bus or buying an Oyster card to tackle trains, tubes and buses like a local here’s ten places you absolutely can’t miss on your next trip to London.

  1. BIG BEN | a fairly obvious first choice but it’s obvious for a reason and 100% worth the crowds. Interesting fact for you Big Ben actually refers to only the bell in the clock and the clock tower is actually called Elizabeth Tower after Queen Elizabeth II.London international student bloggers
  2. HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT | aka Palace of Westminster, located next to Big Ben it’s a two of one deal on iconic London sites.London international student bloggers
  3. BUCKINGHAM PALACE | the London residence of the Queen and home to the famous changing of the guards, you can admire the beauty from outside and walk about St. James’ Park or book a tour round the Palace and get a feel for royaltyLondon international student bloggers
  4. THE LONDON EYE | one of my favourite things to do because the view is incredible, if it’s your first trip to London and you don’t mind spending the money on a ticket you have to experience London from inside a little podLondon international student bloggers
  5. ST. PAUL’S CATHEDRAL | the cathedral’s dome claims its space in the London skyline with exquisite architecture. If you have time, go into the Cathedral and walk around but if you’re in a hurry take in the views from the Millennium bridge which crosses over the Thames
    London international student bloggers
  6. TOWER BRIDGE | arguably one of London’s most iconic landmarks, the bridge is famous for its drawbridge effect. Although some might confuse it with London Bridge, that is in fact located at a completely different part of the ThamesLondon international student bloggers8. THE SHARD | the tallest building in London, the Shard adds a piece of modern history into the London skyline and if you want to see London from above I recommend buying a ticket for the viewing platform but don’t forget to snag a picture of the Shard from the outside as the building truly is a work of art
    London international student bloggers
    Source: The Shard Website

    9. HYDE PARK | located in the heart of London and one of the biggest parks in the city it’s the perfect way to spend a sunny day. With a pond in the middle for row boats it’s an unmissable experience on a summer day in London

    London international student bloggers
    Source: Quality Crown Hotel Website

    10. COVENT GARDEN | a buzzing atmosphere no matter when you visit; filled with shops, restaurants and bars it’s a great place to wander around or grab a quick coffee to refuel

    London international student bloggers

    11. THE TOWER OF LONDON | originally a prison the building is extremely historical and hosts the Crown Jewels on exhibition for you to see and admire how something can be so sparkly

    London international student bloggers


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