Lake District international student bloggers

Remember when I said every time I went out to some great events in London, it would always rain? 🙂 When I planned to go to the Lake District, I was so nervous because the earlier you got the train tickets, the cheaper it would be, but the only problem is that the weather forecast could predict the weather accurately only two weeks in advance. So after I got the tickets, I was literally praying everyday for Mr. Blue sky and thank god it worked.

Lake District is actually a huge national park. I’ve been told the best way to travel there is trekking or living in a cottage for a couple of weeks. My friends and I only got two days so we just went to Windermere. Everything looked fantastic with the sunshine! Birds were singing, flowers were blooming. There was a moment I totally forgot I still got to write a 15,000-word dissertation.

Lake District international student bloggers

The wind was a little bit cold when we took the cruise. I suppose if we came two or three weeks later, it wouldn’t be that cold. We chatted with local people and they said it rains a lot during summer. By the way, about the cruise, you need to be very careful with the timetable because it is quite complicated. We missed the last one to Bowness-on-Windermere and when we finally got there the Peter the Rabbit shop was closed unfortunately. That was not good news for a group of people who just finished a 15-mile journey. We also found out that if the group got more than four people, the cheapest way to travel there is taking a taxi.

Lake District international student bloggers

I had a wonderful time with my friends. When we got back I thought since I was in northern England, I could go to Liverpool and Manchester. I came back from Manchester to London on 20th May. Two days later I saw the tragedy happen there. To be honest I was shocked and frightened because I am about to go to concerts with my friends in July. Since then every time when someone says ‘Have a nice day’ to me, whether that person means it or not, I really appreciate it. Because you never know what will happen, like the weather in Britain.

Have a nice day! 🙂


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