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How many times have you heard the cliche expression “The World has become a global village”? Probably loads, but let’s face it… we are all a result of and contributors to the inevitable process that is ‘Globalisation’.

No, this article is not another long-lasting dispute on whether or not this phenomenon and its ‘big, sharp teeth’ is widening the gap between social classes, as some might argue. In one fell swoop, this post will talk about the reasons why employers should hire an international student just like you!

Diversity and yet the standardisation of the world’s culture go hand in hand! Imagine the fusion between some freshly baked chocolate cookies and a glass of cold milk… it’s mind boggling. Well, the same reaction occurs when you bring some new, international faces in your middle-size office. Regardless of their social background, foreign students tend to have a more flexible and piercing mind-set, educated to shift between their native playground and ‘sharing toys with other kids’.

Innovation is crucial, nevertheless it tends to be forgotten. Look at the noble caveman, he had struggled for a while to warm up his frozen hands, but he managed quite fine. Thomas Edison decided that candles are of better use on the birthday cake rather than as a source of light, so he came up with an electric light bulb. Nowadays, some hero puppies are trained how to sniff out cancer and alert people about it, how cool is that?

Global interns tend to think out of the box, ready to grab new challenges given to them, since they are already out of their comfort zones. You won’t see them loitering near the desk; on the contrary, apart from enhancing creativity, they widen their perspectives as well as those of their co-workers, leading to new ideas and a lively working spirit.

Versatility should probably be written down as the 11th amendment for every company who plans to expand across borders. Instead of falling prey to some other research agencies expecting them to give you a flavour of the new market wrapped-up in a nice envelop, get outside the shell and recruit international students. Leapfrog your competitors and enter a new market with confidence because you have an ace up your sleeve – an international intern!

Increase your competitiveness. Many international students have the skills and talents to help your organisation compete in the global marketplace. They are reliable employees with long career ambitions working twice as hard as others to overcome the job restrictions. They’ve learned how to squeeze 40 working hour productivity into 20 (visa limitations), deliver the expected outcomes on time and beat the gloomy deadlines.

Are you looking for a job?

If you’re an international student looking for a job, JobMine can give you a leg up and speed up the search process.

One of the advantages about JobMine is that it allows you to apply for any job using a video cover letter. This can be of great help especially for foreign students as it allows them to get their personality across and directly express their CV and qualifications to a recruiter who may not be familiar with non-UK qualifications. International students are also regularly required to prove that they are fluent in English. While anyone can iterate their skills on a piece of paper, being able to demonstrate it in a video is a lot more powerful and can let your application stand out in the hiring process.

Time flies and, as scary and it sounds, you can use it as a reason to spice up your day to day tasks. You can join the most passionate youth organisation in the world and build a network for life! AIESEC is recruiting enthusiastic students ready to create global impact while gaining professional and personal experience. You can apply for Join to Lead now or keep an eye for upcoming events and projects like goVolunteer, goGlobal and goTeach. You will get a chance to make a difference in the way teaching and learning are delivered and work for multi-national companies eager to take on board new members.

I’ve always found this interview question extremely tricky “Why should we hire YOU?” Well… give them a Roland for an Oliver and speak boldly “…because I am international”!

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