Get the Digital Edge

On 21 March the Marylebone site of the University of Westminster played host to Get the Digital Edge – a series of workshops and seminars illustrating the application of digital technologies in the modern workplace.

Here are the podcasts of that event:

What did the students say about the day?

Aimee Bateman: Using social media for job hunting

Frances Gow: Managing your online identity

Andrew Rigby: Social media and reputation – what you can learn from big companies

Jim McClellan: teaching digital literacy?

Kevin Lawley/Jemma Perrin: IT training opportunities at the University of Westminster

Plenary: What skills? What for?


Reflections on the project

As the project comes to an end members of the Delivery Group reflect on our shared journey and what we’ve learnt: Sarah Field: Digital Literacy: The beginning and the end Digital literacy is a hot topic in further and higher […]

Get the Digital Edge – report

Four weeks on and the Get the Digital Edge day seems remote but it was as exciting day with a genuine buzz around what we were doing.  Here’s an overview of the sessions: Using social media for job search I […]

Capabilities and Communities of Practice

Recently I attended a talk by Peter Chatterton  future -gazing on Higher Education and libraries in 2020. A couple of ideas struck me as particularly relevant now to the DigitISE project. The first was to focus on capabilities rather than […]

Get the Digital Edge

This week has seen a lot of project activity for me.  Some further analysis of the survey results provided evidence of differences between students in different disciplines, which I am sharing with academic and Corporate Services’ colleagues via an internal […]