Bologna 44° 29’ 0” N

Bologna 44° 29’ 0” N Design for Adaptation: creating a resilient urban Community Submitted by:  University of Bologna UNIBO Department of Architecture Point of contact: Dr. Jacopo Gaspari, Researcher and Professor, Department of Architecture Thematic Area: Adaptation Design

Chennai 13° 5’ 0” N (brief one)

Chennai 13° 5’ 0” N  Integrated Child Environments through Green Design Submitted by:  MEASI Academy of Architecture Point of contact: Professor Joseph. N. Thomas, Faculty Latitudes Coordinator Thematic Area: Green Design

São Paulo 23°30’S

São Paulo 23°30’S   Better quality spaces between and in buildings: The case study of Paraisopolis favela Submitted by:  University of Sao Paulo | FAUUSP | Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism Point of contact: Professor Joana Carla Soares Goncalves  and Eduardo Pimentel Pizarro PhD researcher Thematic Area: Adaptation Design