October 23, 2015

Student Ambassadors

The Latitudes Student Ambassadors are key collaborators of the International Design Challenge. They advice and support the international teams in their proposals, by sharing insights on the environmental challenges of his/her city and more detailed information on the case study, the site/or building and the design brief. This year our student ambassadors are:

University of Sao Paulo | FAUUSP | Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism

Eduardo Pimentel Pizarro | PhD student in Architecture

2Eduardo is a PhD student at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Sao Paulo (FAUUSP), Brazil. He also holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree (Hons) in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Sao Paulo. Focused on the spaces in-between the buildings, and on the environmental and urban performance of favelas and the city itself, Pizarro developed part of his Master research at the Architectural Association Graduate School (AA), London.

Pizarro was granted several awards as: the Molewa International Competition (China, 2015), promoted by the International Union of Architects (UIA) and the Hua Yan Group; and the National Young Scientist Award (Brazil, 2012), promoted by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development of Brazil, and granted by the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff.

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University of Westminster | fABE | Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment

José Puchol Salort | MSc Architecture and Environmental Design

Jose Puchol-SalortI grew up in an artistic and architectural environment. I finished my Degree in Architecture (RIBA Part 2) at the Architecture School of the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain in 2013. I am communicative, helpful, accurate and always prepared to learn more and acquire new abilities working in a team. I have collaborated in two different Architecture and Urban Planning studios, both in Spain and the UK.  While I was there, I was involved in designing architectural projects, drawing graphic designs and collaborating in the management of construction works.

Nowadays, I am on my second year of the MSc Architecture and Environmental Design in the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the University of Westminster, London. Here I am learning the importance of being environmentally and energy conscious, towards an innovative and bioclimatic architecture. Together with the arts and the architecture, my principal interests include photographing, visiting museums, painting and travelling.

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Maldives National University | MNU | Department of Architecture

Mariyam Zunanath | BArch Year 2

ZunaaI am a student currently doing Bachelor of Arts in Architectural design (year 2), in Faculty of Engineering (FET) of Maldives National University. During the course time, I have travelled to different islands of Maldives as part of design module. I have worked in minor projects as an intern with an architectural firm; Ryan pvt ltd. I am a person who is friendly, tactful and able to work with all levels of people. I am a determined, dedicated and a hard working person who loves the work I do. My interests include art, reading, researching and travelling. As part of my passion for reading, I enjoy researching and to get to know the culture of different countries. I am passionate to learn and experience this field.


Ismail Murushid Ahmed | BArch Year 1

murushidA degree student currently studying bachelor of arts in architectural design at the faculty of engineering technology. Coming from an artistic family and art practicing house, helped carving his set of artistic skills. Self studied In depth knowledge of realistic drawing and human anatomy. After completing Edexcel advance level exams he decided to work professionally. First experience was working as a construction site supervisor at Design House pvt ltd. During the short work experience he gained skills in drafting and knowledge about the construction industry. Later joined the most luxurious furniture shop in Maldives, Evohome as an interior designer. Evohome sells many luxury European brands such as Hulsta and Nolte kuchen.

Hassan Samaah | BArch Year 1

samaah Samaah was born and raised in the island of Rasdhoo located in the Alif alif atoll in Maldives. The island is a dream location for tourists visiting the Maldives, surrounded by white sandy beaches and aqua blue sea. Tourism of the island has led to rapid increase in number of Guest houses and many souvenir shops , opening a gateway for the construction industry.

Currently studying bachelors of art in architectural design (BAAD) at faculty of engineering technology located in the capital city Malé. Completed Edexcel Advanced level certificate at Villa international high.  During his free time Samaah supervises construction site of his construction group.

He has a vast knowledge in Information technology and experience designing graphics and web pages. His passion is photography and currently owns a studio in his island.

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University of Bologna | UNIBO | Department of Architecture | DA
Saveria Boulanger | PhD student in Architecture

foto_tessera_BWSaveria Boulanger was born in France, but lives in Italy where her family decided to live when she was young. She has a constant relationship with France because of researching and family reasons. From 2014 she is a PhD student in the University of Architecture of Bologna, in the field of Smart Cities, Built Environment and NZEB buildings. In 2013 she obtained the License for the professional practise and the Specialized Degree on Architecture at the University of Ferrara. She obtained the evaluation of 110/110 cum laude, with a work on Handicraft and city. Urban strategies for the development of a context into the Bologna landscape. Advisors: Prof. R. Farinella, Prof. G. Bizzarri. The love for Architecture was born in her when she was 8 years old when she was given a 3D book in which there was the instruction for building Rietvald Scroeder’s House, in paper. Writing has always been a faithful friend with reading and architecture, for which she traveled the world and the ages, being able to experience some of the most important events of the human history. She is also a musical stage director for a non-professional group composed by adults and youngs.

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MEASI | Academy of Architecture

Brief 1: Integrated Child Environments through Green Design

Ashwin Suresh | BArch 5th year


Ashwin is a final year graduate student currently pursuing “Bachelor of Architecture” (B.Arch) course at MEASI Academy of Architecture, Chennai. A lifelong resident of Chennai, he is a proud Chennaite and an avid supporter of Chennaiyin FC. A voracious reader with a staunch interest in any tale, his lifelong passion is to find stories by travelling, by writing and through Design. He loves Multi-Faceted design approaches that involve Graphical Design and Computer Aided Visualizations and is well versed in a variety of software. He strongly believes in “Design for the Masses”, which led to his avidity for Human Settlements and Urbanism. He has interned in Delhi and Kerala and has also travelled to many places in India.

His other interests include Backpacking, Poetry and he is also a relentless Foodie!

Asra Khader | BArch 5th year

Info coming soon!

Brief 4: Re-connect: Sand Tunes – An Artist residence @Marakkanam

Thein M. S | BArch 5th year

Profile Picture- Thein.M.S-Chennai[1]Thein is a final year student at MEASI academy of architecture, Chennai. She also holds a Diploma in Jewelry Design at Punjab Technical University. She has worked with firms like Or Project, Design Habit, Abha Narain Lambah Associates, and Observer Research Foundation, India, known for their Digital, Narrative, Conservative, and Research interests in Architecture, respectively. Her passion lies in understanding theories of architecture, explore human behavioral patterns and narratives of spaces, combine and alter their manifestations in a built environment. Thein is also currently working on a public utility thesis project that covers narrative architecture in the context of Indian folk tales, Tamil literature and Computation.

In the coming years, she aspires to complete her post-graduation in History, Criticism and Theory (HCT). Become a PADI Instructor ,a serious drummer and later, carry out research in Ephemerals and Utopias of Architecture.

Nirmal T. Raj | BArch 5th year

1Nirmal was born in Chennai, from his childhood he had a constant relationship with buildings and architecture. Currently a 5th year student of bachelor’s degree in Architecture, His passion is towards technical studies in architecture and urban planning.

In his one year of internship program in Mumbai and Auroville, Pondicherry he has worked on projects involving sustainable design, Façade technologies and Product Design. He also has a fair amount of experience in Project management. In his 4 years of architectural education he has participated in competitions involving structural and architectural innovations in steel conducted by INSDAG and also interior designing competitions and have won few. Loves to travel and explore places and do some architectural photography. He is also planning to do his masters in City Planning and Technology in the years to come.

Brief 2: Enlighten: Adaptation and heritage in the built environment

Kavya Suresh | BArch 5th year

Info coming soon!

Dhushyanth | BArch 5th year

Info coming soon!

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