Five Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design (WSMAD) Photography BA graduates exhibited their photography work at Typography of Modern Life exhibition in central Amsterdam this September. Lettica Batty, Jasper Jones , Gage Solaguren, Joy-Maxwell Davis, and James Berrington’s work explored the meaning of home in different places.

When recalling the inspiration for the exhibition, Jasper said: “The financial crisis has brought to our attention the importance of property, not just in this country but worldwide.”

Leticia focused on a post-industrial town in the north of England. She specialises in themes of identity, landscape, British politics and the self.


Gage inspected the financial crisis in Spain where housing developments have stalled and been abandoned through still photography.


Joy conducted a personal examination of childhood homes and explored themes through experimental techniques.



Jasper looked at unfinished tourist industry hotels and infrastructure in Egypt. As a curator as well as artists he examines 3D graphic sculptures, and film.



James Berrington completed an examination of the housing crisis through the form of the ubiquitous house brick. As London based photographer James has a particular eye for fine art and social documentary.


The Typography of Modern life exhibition is part of yearly Unseen Photography Festival taking place in Amsterdam. The festival now a huge success first started out in 2012, as a place for emerging talent to be highlighted and seen.

Jasper Jones recalled his own visit to the Unseen Photography Festival two years ago and how much he loved it, which is what inspired him to organise his own exhibition with his fellow graduates.

His innovation to organise such event highlights his multi-dimensional skills not only as a photographer but also as determined individual.

Jasper praised the skills he gained at University of Westminster. He said: “We gained a great deal from our experience on the photography degree course at Westminster, particularly the skills that have enabled us to curate and edit work for a group show that is coherent, succinct and cohesive.”

He highlighted Westminster for bringing him together with other photography students which helped me along the way.

“Most importantly it has brought us together as mutually supportive group, which for me is the best part of University.”



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