Welcome from Dean Kerstin Mey

Hello all,

Welcome to the new Westminster School of Media Arts and Design blog.

Karina Girnyte, our PR Intern, has worked very hard over the past weeks to develop the feature of this Faculty communication platform.

The blog aims to inform about student, staff and alumni successes and inform about new developments in the School.

Most importantly, the blog will not just ‘give information’ but as blogs are set up to do offer a much needed opportunity for our community to share ideas and to promote projects and initiatives, call for contributions and invite collaboration. It will enable us to share partnership developments abroad, exchange opportunities for both students and staff und much more.

We would also like to use it to give a virtual welcome to new colleagues and visiting staff, feature profiles of current students, staff and alumni, but also say goodbye to those leaving us.

I will contribute to the blog with regular updates on what I have been up to in my role as Dean and PVC including when I have been visiting institutions abroad.

The blog will be only as informative, entertaining and captivating as we all make it. Karina is the first point of contact to share with the idea for a special feature or announcement and will help prepare its communication. In contrast to an old fashioned printed newsletter, the blog site can easily accommodate multimedia, so images, videos, sound tracks etc. are most welcome.

Enjoy reading and contributing to the blog and please share your feedback too so that the blog can go from strength to strength.

All the best,

Kerstin Mey, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean, Westminster School of Media Arts and Design


Contact for Karina Girnyte: K.Girnyte1@westminster.ac.uk

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