Greta Butkeviciute, third year Television production BA Honours student at Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design completed six months study abroad at University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia from February to August 2016.

At UTS she completed modules in advertising, media power and online documentary and found it a life changing experience.

She said that she always wanted to travel and doing a study abroad was a perfect chance but her biggest motivation for taking the leap was to stand out in the graduate market once she finishes her studies.

“I wanted to have something on my CV that not many people have – international experience. Careers in the TV industry often require traveling. I wanted to show my future employer that I am ready, prepared and experienced and that I can deal with different cultures.”

She added that University of Westminster provided her with the support she needed by putting her in contact with a student who had already completed a study abroad.

“Honestly, this was the biggest help that the university could have given me because there’s nothing better than hearing from someone who has been through it all.”

Greta recalled her experience in Sydney with the most fondness. “UTS is an amazing and very big university. Everyone is on the same campus, so you can meet someone who studies something completely different from you.


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“The city is your campus. So many buildings are only 10 minutes apart and the university even provides a navigation app that shows you how to get from one classroom to another.”

She had a funny story to share from a visit to Myall Lake, five hours away from Sydney with her camping society. The beach there was wild and nothing like she had ever seen before. While she was sunbathing with her friends, she noticed a fin near the boys in the water.

“After watching Bondi Rescue and similar shows I and my friend Becca started screaming, trying to warn the boys that there was a shark swimming towards them.” The fin turned out to be a dolphin and not a shark and “a moment of panic turned into laughter”.

Her advice to other students considering doing a study abroad is to “just do it”.

“Do it for the memories and the experience that no one will ever take away from you. You will grow as a person and you will figure yourself out. You’ll get some very valuable industry experience and it will be the adventure of a lifetime.”

She also explained that you don’t need to plan everything. “All you really need to sort out is your accommodation, flights and visas.” The rest will plan itself, such as weekend activities and the trips.

So what are you waiting for? Your next adventure awaits.

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Also you can contact Outward Mobility Officer Beata Pankowska, .

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