Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design has collaborated with the Films Division, and the Government of India to premiere the documentary Cities of Sleep at Regent Street Cinema, 14 March, at 4pm as part of the London Asian Film Festival.

In Cities of Sleep first-time filmmaker Shaunak Sen takes us into a world of insurgent sleeper communities and the infamous ‘sleep mafia’ in Delhi, where securing a safe sleeping spot often becomes a question of life and death: “the difference between public and private property is sleep”.

It trails the lives of two men, Shakeel, a renegade homeless sleeper, and Ranjeet, a sleep entrepreneur who runs a ‘sleep-cinema’ community under Loha bridge. Both observational documentary and a philosophical exploration of sleep inspired by the ideas of Jacques Ranciere, this multi-award-winning film draws on three years of research in streets and night shelters.

The film has been enthusiastically reviewed and the filmmaker will be present by Skype for a Q&A discussion after the screening, moderated by Professor Rosie Thomas (Director, Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media, University of Westminster).

The event is free and all are welcome. However, seats are limited and prior registration is essential.

Please register at: http://www.tonguesonfire.com/events/cinema-travellers/

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