Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design held its annual MADFest from 14-16 March and Harrow library brought to the table their best resources and showcased its fun spirit.

Both students and staff had the chance to play games, relax, get to know each other and learn more about the school and how the facilities can be used for their professional and personal projects.

A stand out game that attracted many was the opportunity to match library staff with photos of their pets. This dispelled the myth that librarians are crazy cat people. Sweets were awarded to the best guessers.


Another game that created a buzz was Jenga, which visitors could play with our librarian Eleri Kyffin. They had to build a tower by creating a reference to all components (title, author, publisher) until the tower came tumbling down.


For those who were looking to put their creative talents to use and rewind there was a craft desk available with pictures of staff to colour in, and paper crafts and badge making.


The Emerging Media Space (EMS), which is based on Level 1 of the library, presented a live stream of 3D printers and paper piano made with Arduino and sensors. Frank Davies, the EMS Intern demonstrated amazing 3D prints to display to students the endless possibilities of 3D printing.


Representing Westminster Archive team Archivist Anna Mcnally showcased special postcards and offered the opportunity to all to learn more about some of the gems available in Westminster archive collection.

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