The Emerging Media Space (EMS) was custom built as a part to the newly renovated Harrow library. It has three sections: the outside area for group work, study booths and an interior space for classes and workshops and can be found at the back of the first floor of the library.

Frank Davies Emerging Media Space Intern said: “The EMS is a place to experiment with different types of media, digital media as well as more traditional media. We are interested in exploring how they are connected.”

It features two large touch screens, one of them is an iWall, Arduino, Makey Makey and Raspberry Pi; wearable technology for programmable fabric and ubiquitous computing; circuit and hardware building; motion-capture and compositing; augmented reality; interactive environments; location aware devices and applications; facilities for specialist printing including lenticular and 3D printing.

The equipment can be used to work on and develop new projects such as audio synthesis, sound and video processing, installations using sensors, building new VR or experimenting with it, or to make 3D models. The possibilities are endless with a little bit of imagination.

The space also offers creative software such as The Autodesk Remake to do 3D scanning, Blender to do 3D modelling and editing, Unity-a game engine that can be used for creative VR and Stitching for 360 film.

If you would like to discuss an idea for a project or something you’re already working on but would like to incorporate some of the tools from EMS you can visit Frank at the back of the first floor library on Tuesday and Thursday from 2pm-5pm.

Alternatively, you can email him at


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