Ana Thorsdottir graduated with Public Relations BA (now Public Relations and Advertising BA) in 2010. She is now working as a Senior Account Manager and Influencer Strategist at Global PR agency Citizens Relations.

Her current role involves press office management, event organisation, social media consultation and what she calls “crazy, fun PR stunts”.

She said:“My expertise also lies in influencer strategy, I work with my clients day to day and advise them about campaigns and their budgets.”


Her advice for other students was to do as many internships as you can to get to know the PR world. She highlighted “spend your free time at university wisely”.

“Our industry is rapidly changing and brands are finding it very difficult to keep up. If you can give an opinion on the trends you are seeing in the industry during your internship interviews, you will be miles ahead of your competition.”

She recalls Westminster as a place that holds “some of her best memories”.

“At Harrow campus we were such a fun, tight knit community. My time at Westminster helped me develop into the person and professional that I am today, but even more importantly, it was a big stepping-stone into my career. I also nurtured a lot of friendships and met some lovely, talented people who are doing amazing things within their careers.”

Learn more about studying Public Relations and Advertising BA at the University of Westminster.

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