You were recently re-elected as the Vice President of Harrow, any ideas as to why you remain as the students’ favourite choice?

I think student’s have seen the positive culture change me and the team I work with have created this year. From the Move In BBQ to re-enforcing policies and making sure students can enjoy their campus, we’ve worked rapidly to reignite the SU on campus. I hope they see they have a capable pair of hands leading them, so why replace something that isn’t broken?


What do you think are the important steps you’ve already taken in the last year to make some changes in Harrow?

I’ve been really keen to balance ‘student experience’ and ‘academic progress’. Both are linked but also very separate and integral parts of students lives. For example, we’ve looked at the offering in our shops and bars, to make sure they’re what students want, which is just a small part of the work I’m doing in that area. I’ve also worked constructively with Aramark to get chip and pin in all outlets, as well as updating the offering they have. I’ve also worked on reducing course costs and we’ve just agreed a three-year working group which will hopefully implement our recommendations. So I’ve taken quite a few steps to shape positive change!


How do you maintain close relationships and communication with the students?

Different ways with different students. With some it’s about going to grab coffee, others I see in the bar, I’ll help students out with projects where they support, through various parts of our democracy (like Forums, etc.). Students can get in touch and arrange to see me, they can text or Facebook me and I’ll always try to help!


What are your plans for the upcoming year as the Vice President?

Over the next year we’re going to see a lot of changes in the student market. I’m starting a lot of projects over the next 12 months to support various areas of student life, including: halls, social space on campus, improving our shops and bars, updating teaching spaces and access to specialist softwares. I’ll also be working with the rest of the Sabbatical Officers on various things around Brexit and International Students, the Teaching Excellence Framework and any potential fee increases.


Do you think there is anything specific that should be worked on and developed at Harrow?

I think it is so, so important that we continue to rebuilt the WSMAD community. I’ve been working closely with the Associate Dean (UG), Sarah Niblock, and the Director of Student Experience, Andy Golding, on ways we can do this and I think we’ve got some really positive steps forward that will continue to grow.

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