Meet Dr Massimiliano Fusari, Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster and Digital Interactive Storytelling MA course. He is here to tell us how using the Emerging Media Space helped him improve his classes and experiment with new ways of teaching.

“As I was marking the video essays from my module on Creativity,I was confirmed that possibly the most effective contribution could be shifting points of view.After all, as one student pointed out in one of the essays,“seeing things differently is what being creative is all about”.Then, why not trying to change perspectives by using interactive tools?

“This is indeed the aim of the Emerging Media Space at the University of Westminster.The space is set to work as a most informal environment to move away from the frontal class mode towards more engaging delivery styles.The large room is filled with wooden tables and with two interactive screens (did you see Minority Report?Well, almost the same thing)that aim to provide a space to better develop ideas and set up the framework to pursue them most effectively.


“I had the great opportunity to reserve the Space for a hands-on workshop on photographic montage as a creative practice.Together with 50 students we experimented with one of the large interactive screens: by manually moving the images on the screen we would be able to immediately visualise how shifting one picture could produce always distinct editing.The latter part of the workshop allowed students to also play with the physical photographs on the tables to elaborate and produce in groups their own storytelling of my tentmakers project.I can’t wait to explore some more of Emerging Media Space’s other features!”

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