Hunger makes me a modern girl: a memoir

Carrie Brownstein

Found at 782.42164092 BRO Harrow

Many people know Carrie Brownstein as half of the brains behind TV series Portlandia, however she is also one third of the brains behind one of my favourite bands, Sleater Kinney. This memoir is a gripping and reflective piece of writing which covers a complex childhood through to an eye opening account of band dynamics. The energy of this memoir is palpable and after reading it I took up drumming lessons. If you want to feel invigorated and inspired, give it a read this summer.


James Turrell : the other horizon

Found at 709.2 TUR Harrow

If there is one thing you should do with your summer it is to take a trip to your nearest Skyspace by James Turrell. The feeling you experience whilst sat within a Skyspace is, is my opinion, very unique and beneficial. Slowly appreciating a space and how different it can be from one minute to the next is very cathartic. Either go the other end of the world to see one (Naoshima Island, Japan) or closer to home (Houghton Hall, Norfolk), you won’t regret it.


Manus x Machina : Fashion in an Age of Technology

Andrew Bolton

Found at 746.92 BOL Harrow

Manux x Machina was an incredibly successful exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC last year. I was lucky enough to receive a behind the scenes tour of the exhibition with the curator and it was a once in a lifetime experience. The materials and processes used in these pieces was mind blowing! My favourite pieces were an Iris van Herpen dress which was created using resin, magnets and iron filings and a 3D printed classic Chanel suit.


Film: Carol

Directed by Todd Haynes

Found at DVD:5039 Harrow

This is more of a winter film, but it’s so stunning I could watch it repeatedly any time of the year. The film is based on a novel and set in the early 1950s. It is the tale of an affair between two females, one older and going through a divorce and one younger, an aspiring photographer. The costumes are beautiful and the chemistry between Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara is entirely believable.


The Girls

Emma Cline

Found at Read and Relax collection

If you’ve listened to a few too many crime podcasts this is perfect for you. Narrated by Evie, a bored and lonely teenager, the book follows her growing obsession with Suzanne. Her life starts to spiral and it’s a classic late 60s mix of cults, drugs, sex and violence. You’re left with lots of questions and feel great sympathy for Evie’s vulnerability, but this doesn’t detract from enjoying the book. It’s a perfect summer read.


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