Aigerim Meiramkulova graduated from Public Relations BA (now Public Relations and Advertising BA) in 2011. She is now working as a Media Director at Starcom & MediaVest Group since starting her career five years ago.

She explains: Both of these franchises (Starcom & MediaVest) are operating under Publicis Groupe holding, which is one of the biggest international advertising holdings, providing a 360 service for our clients – communication planning, media buying and creative production. Our client list is rather broad, but top clients include Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Mondelez, Visa, Vimplecom, Sandoz etc.

Aigerim started her career while still in London. She did an internship at Propeller Group PR & Mobile and received a full time job offer. After working there for almost a year she moved back home to Kazakhstan where she gained a job at SMG as a Junior Media Planner for Procter & Gamble in 2012. Since then she worked her way up the career ladder and became the Media Director.

She advises: “Work hard, party harder! This might sound like a joke, but what I’m trying to say is that university is there to give us anything and everything we might need along our path. But we should never forget, that our major (PR) is an exciting and most importantly inspiring industry, so if we don’t shake the routine off, we will never succeed in being a good PR specialist.

“Although PR is far from advertising, these two are brothers. If you want an actionable advice – make sure you don’t ignore your media studies course, as it will supply some interesting insights, which you might be using later on in your PR career.”

Aigerim found her experience at Westminster as “one of the most amazing periods of my life – honestly”.

“I have met my best friends at the university, people I am still friends with today, people who would travel all the way to Kazakhstan, just to come see me. I can say that a lot of what makes a person is being developed during school and university. University life has helped to shape me into who I am today and I am happy this shaping was done at the University of Westminster.”

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