Emmanuel Nwamadi, third year Commercial Music Performance BMUS Honours student at Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design reached the finals of music show The Voice 2015 where he was tutored by Ricky Wilson, and met pop star Rita Ora and singer will.i.am.

What made you submit the application to The Voice?

“My friends were encouraging me to apply to the show, saying that I am good enough. So one day I just applied without thinking too much about it.”

Emmanuel submitted the application in March and heard back within days to audition in June in front of the show’s producers. After he got through the first audition, he did a second audition on the same day with his guitar.

By August he heard back that he got through to the Blind Auditions taking place in September at the BBC studios in front of the coaches: Rita Ora, will.i.am, Tom Jones, and Ricky Wilson.

What happened after the Blind Auditions?

“After that, I went back to my normal life but at the same time I didn’t because they would call you at any time saying they needed you to go back to the studios in Manchester or London. The experience was hectic, I was still at the university and I had essays and preparation to do for the show at the same time.”

When did everything change?

“In January the show aired ( so all of a sudden, I was now in the public eye, and going out to town or the shopping centres weren’t the same as many recognised me from the show, and wanted to take pictures, sign autographs and have a quick chat. This was really nice, as I could this made them happy as they really did like my voice and the songs I sang) and in March I moved into the apartment with other contestants, that’s when the live shows began and I gained this huge following on social media.”

What was your typical day like while living on the show?

“I would wake up, and have the car waiting for me downstairs. I would then go off to interviews, and photoshoots. Then I would do preparation for my weekly performance, and have a chance to rehearse my song three times on the stage.”

What was your favourite part?

“I loved all of it. But my favourite part was performing. I loved the stage because it’s so big and the sound is so good. And you have this amazing band behind you.”

How was your relationship with your coach Ricky Wilson?

“He was amazing. He understood that this experience could be quite stressful because we are not used to it and he was so patient and made me feel so comfortable. He allowed me to be myself and disagree on some things. He was very supportive.”

How did you find the rest of the coaches?

“Every time I met will.i.am he said ‘Hey Man’ ( trying to imitate my voice) in this very deep voice which was so cool. And Rita Ora was very nice, and bubbly. Also she’s very young so it’s very easy to relate to her.”

What would you wish you knew before you went on the show?

“You have to be very conscious of what you say and how you say it because this is TV and anything can be changed into something else.”

Is there anything you wish you did differently?

“I wish I worked even harder and eliminated the things that were stressing me out. All of these people that I haven’t heard from started appearing and contacting me just because I was on the show, which was encouraging, but it also put a lot of pressure on me. I wish I didn’t let it distract me.”

What would you say to someone considering applying to The Voice?

“Do it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. (It’s an amazing platform to showcase what you’ve got to offer and the amazing thing is they want you to sing covers, but they would love it if you put your own spin on it, which I did a lot of, plus the team were absolutely amazing, they made the experience all the better.)”

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