Two international programmes AlSadi Changing Lives and Westminster Working Cultures have been organised by the University of Westminster to increase Westminster students’ employability by equipping them with key skills and international experience.

The AlSadi Changing Lives programme held for the third time is a cultural exchange programme in Jordan funded by philanthropist Majid AlSadi, the Chairman and CEO of Eastern Holding. During the programme students will work with a number of charitable organisations and participate in community projects, volunteering activities, group workshops and historical visits to beautiful sites of Ammam, Jordan.

Westminster Working Cultures is a new programme funded by the University of Westminster’s Quintin Hogg Trust and alumnus Trevor Yang, a 1983 graduate of Social Sciences. The programme will offer students workplace tours to a number of leading and diverse organisations in Hong Kong, workshops and cultural visits to The Peak, HK-Stanley, Aberdeen Monastery and Night Markets.

When speaking about her experience in Jordan, Holly Patrick, Journalism BA student, said: “This was the best experience I have had whilst attending Westminster University. I feel so privileged to be a part of this trip. From start to finish, I was in awe of the work the Jordanians do to ensure children, mothers, families and communities are educated and equally respected.”

The applications are now open and close on 2 July.

For more information please contact the Outward Mobility Team at

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