Friday 22nd September saw the first “Arrivals Fair” land on Harrow Campus of Media, Arts & Design – we were met with an abundance of new and well-known faces. We welcomed students with a week-long celebration with events and activities, ending with the final Arrivals Fair held on campus.

The Arrivals Fair was filled with our award-winning sports teams and societies eager to sign up the new generation of high achievers looking to channel their passion (we also ate too much free pizza – do you blame us?). As I walked through The Street I was hounded by every society wanting to express why I should be interested in what they have to offer, not a single person there left without signing up to something. An education at the University of Westminster stretches beyond the realms of your degree – the societies and groups we have offer an opportunity for students to not only meet new people but to explore sides of their passion they couldn’t do elsewhere.

We’re already having Arrivals Week withdrawal symptoms but we know there are more exciting times ahead.

Here are a few photos, credit to Jim McClellan, of the event as it happened:

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