Rob Toulson, Professor of Creative Industries (Commercial Music) at the University of Westminster, performed and presented a digital music experience at the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of this year’s Digital Design Weekend exhibition which took place on 23rd and 24th September.

Alongside Professor Justin Patterson, University of West London and Daisy and The Dark, music artist, he showcased the project Transforming Digital Music to the public. Participants of the exhibition were invited to ‘get inside the music’ of Daisy and The Dark by using their ground-breaking app, called the Red Planet EP.

Daisy and The Dark also gave a number of ‘silent’ performances – a live music show that that can only be experienced audibly through Bluetooth headphones. The exhibition demonstrated a new perception of popular music, giving audience members a unique immersive experience.

Back for its seventh year, Digital Design Weekend celebrates the pioneering work of artists, designers, engineers and technologists – bringing them together with the public. The annual event hosts pop up installations, talks and workshops which range from industry specific education to family friendly events. During the course of the weekend, over 20,000 visitors attended the exhibition.

Of the event Professor Toulson said “this event gave a great opportunity to present the best features of analogue and digital music to a public audience, building a bridge between the mysterious behind-the-scenes music making process and the finished product that get released to the world.”

“Using a large interactive touchscreen, we showcased our digital music app that allows people to explore the creative building blocks of a professional music project. The ‘silent’ performances had a great impact on the audience, who saw two silent musicians in a busy room, but when putting on headphones they were presented with a full live band experience incorporating drums, strings, synthesizers, guitar and voice. It was fantastic to see the expression on their faces when experiencing this for the first time”

A short interview at the event with Professor Rob Toulson and Sarah Kayte Foster from Daisy and The Dark can be seen here:

The innovative Daisy and The Dark Red Planet EP app can be downloaded for free from:

University of Westminster offers an extensive list of modern innovative courses related to music and digital media.

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