Presented by WESTPHOTO in collaboration with students and the mental health charity Mind, the ‘Stepping Stones’ exhibition will take place on Harrow Campus in the London Gallery West between 19-30 October.

Students from the Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design were asked to submit their projects exploring the topic of mental health. The exhibition is a collaboration of student work and the work of Mind service users. The work shown follows a wide range of disciplines including photography, illustration and film.

Connor Turansky, alumni and student collaborator, said: “The collaborative art exhibition ‘Stepping Stones’ brought both students and Mind services users together, to create reflective and responsive art. This project was hugely beneficial to everyone involved, as it acts as the perfect platform to promote discussion around mental health.”

Mental health is a topic of conversation that is continued to be surrounded by stigma within modern day community – with a discussion surrounding mental health to be incredibly important in taking down that stigma. This exhibition aims to open up that conversation with our students and staff. As well as this exhibition, the University of Westminster offers confidential support to those who seek help for their mental health – the counselling service is open to both staff and students.

Mind in Harrow, founded in the 1960s, curates the ‘Stepping Stones Project’ which aims to offer support for people experiencing mental and emotional distress. The exhibition showcases photography, sketching and paintings from the project.

Andre Pinkowski of WESTPHOTO said: “The collaboration with Mind in Harrow was a great opportunity to produce work addressing mental health. Our aim was to raise awareness and make a difference to Harrow and the community as a whole. The exhibition brings together a variety of artist from a range of disciplines critically engaging with mental health in the current social climate.”

Find out more about the event.

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