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I am an international student and I came to London just to do MBA at Westminster Business School. When I arrived here I haven’t booked a place to stay. London is a city with many locations and it was not difficult to find a place. My option at the beginning was to stay in a student residence sharing a flat with others students from other universities. There are many student residences in many different places and zones inside the city, with different size and prices.

The flats use to be from 3 to 6 single rooms, with shared kitchen and some with shared bathroom and others ensuite. There are also options for individual studios but this one use to be more expensive. Other possibilities are to rent a room in a shared flat, but not in a student house, or to rent an apartment by you. If you go for this last possibility, the landlords will ask a deposit for some months in advanced.

The amount of the deposit is negotiable. Try to not exceed more than 3 months in advance. For more information contact the UNILET services at the University of Westminster.

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