In the first post on the MBA blog, we thought it was only right to talk about our unique class composition. The full time class has 14 students  including 8 from India, and one each from Ukraine, Turkey, South Africa, Japan, Ethiopia, Brazil. Most of us have left our day jobs  to embark on a 1 year career changing journey. Being able to work towards this objective with an internationally rich cohort is a blessing in disguise. Apart from in-class discussions, where this diversity adds an interesting perspective, off campus, we share ideas, opinions and experiences, which we believe will only augment our future. In this blog, we intend to share our experiences, both social and academic that will not only be a window to our life as an MBA student, but also a resource for future MBA prospects who would like to know what it is like to study at Westminster Business School, in the middle of London. All suggestions and comments are welcome.

-Arvind (FT MBA 2010/11)

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  • Arvid,

    That is for sure an interesting platform for all MBAs at the university of Westminster.

    Have a very good day.


  • There was a suggestion that we should predict the results of the World Cup based on the make-up of our f/t MBA cohort.
    As India are not in the competition, should we be supporting South Africa and/or Brazil ? What do others think ?

  • I must add that having had the pleasure to meet some of the FULL time MBA, you are part of an excellent team with a very prospective success.

    It will be nice to have some news about your exciting new project in South Africa.

    Best wishes

    Mercedes Alvarez
    PTMBA (2010/2012)

  • Hello there,

    I am planning to do an MBA and at the moment looking for the most suitable university, so lets say I am doing my research.

    I am applying to Kingston and have attended their Open Day and also Westminster.

    Can you guys share your experience, how are you feeling about Westminster, in terms of teaching quality and are staff supportive, what are the students like. I believe it is AMBA accredited? what is the age range?

    Your reply and feedback will be truly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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