The KHC group have a very productive day. We had a meeting with all people responsible for the Marketing department to define the strategies, and actions to be taken to help the commercialization of the beads. We split the work inside the group and start the actions with each responsible.

Mercedes is working on the price strategy, defining the real cost of the production and the different prices to be practice with different customers. She is also working on the catalogue of the beads. Sanchit is working in the Brochure and on the Sales Presentation for the Ambassators, and on the production of a film of May (a real story of a HIV patient that have her life changed by KHC support, she was removed form the streets with no hope and today she lives with her family in a house and the income of the family comes from the sales of the beads that they produce) to be used on the free communication channels such as youtube, facebook, orkut, twitter, etc. to be used to promote KHC activities and to make the Beads for Education brand stronger.

He also created a facebook page for the Beads for Education and a pattern signature to be used for all employees. I am working in the Marketing Strategy Report overall that will have the short-term and long-term actions that we are doing and have to be done, the objective of each of them, the actual status, the description of actions, and final recommendations.

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