Day 2: On site..

Day 2:

The day went really well for all the groups and the team members after meeting their respective charities, are starting to develop a new sense of optimism of delivering something concrete at the end of 2 weeks. Teams spent most of the day gathering information on the daily processes at the charities and one of the teams had proactively begun their training sessions in leadership and communication.

. The experience with the staff of the charities was quite varied for the different volunteer teams, but everyone agreed that the Culture of the Uganda has a considerable impact on the professional environment. On a lighter note, team members throughly enjoyed the tasty ‘ethnic’ lunch menu provided by the charities. Uganda lunch can be quite filling if served as default proportions.

In the evening, the team went through a de-briefing with Erin Beer of TGG and have already begun finalizing workshop schedules, and meeting content for the 2 week adventure.

Key phrase for the day: REALITY and PERCEPTION could be black and white!
Factoid of the day: Kampala’s leading newspapers have everything BUT news! 🙂

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