Day 3: long hard days…

Days are getting longer! Today was more reality for team KCCC while for the other teams (ROM and KHC), there was more constructive work in the form of training, Business plans and Marketing strategy. We are steadily developing a great rapport with the staff at the charities. Team ROM has been very successful in getting some solid results in terms of workshop response in spite of some initial hurdles. We are going through so much in each of the charities that pictures from 2 days before seem like eons. Now thats a good sign for all the effort we are investing!

Weather didn’t disappoint us today! just a light drizzle and lots of cool breeze. The lodge has begun to get a bit crowded with a caravan full of backpackers who arrived last night tenting on the mud path to team cottage ‘Bird’s Eye’.

Keyword of the day: Vision..

Factoid of the day: Kampala Traffic!

Team ROM-DAY 3 – ‘Communication’

This morning we had a meeting with ROM’s senior management to finalise the schedule for the next 2 weeks.  So the workshops were kicked-off by first designing an ‘Alliance’ with the participants which included their and our expectations, and a commitment to time management (i.e. being mindful of time and being on-time), respect for others (i.e. no-one gets to be wrong and assurance that there will be as little disruptions during the workshops as possible) and attendance.  However, achieving the commitment to the ‘Alliance’ was received with much resistance, but in the end, everyone agreed.

Following the commitment, we began by breaking-the-ice with a grapevine (broken telephone) – style game, which was followed by discussing different ways of communicating verbally and non-verbally.  After this discussion, we split the group of about 32 participants into small groups and did an activity based on shapes and communicating these shapes to others for them to draw.  This activity was very successful and the participants seemed to realise alot about their various communication styles, and how one sometimes needs to adapt these in order to achieve a goal and meet others on common group.

The day ended off on a positive note and the foundation for planting the intended seeds has been laid….

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