We are clearly giving it our all, evidently as ‘greetings’ are growing feebler by the day when we return to our hostel. The evenings are more packed than one can imagine. The real prep work for the next day starts after the short de-briefing and dinner, long into the wee hours of the night (or the next morning). This feels like the real MBA, rigorous, tireless and an officious work ethic. The best part is during the day however, when we see our results in action. The listening is still on at all the charities but as they understand the real motive for our presence here, the staff are becoming more empathetic in helping us help them achieve their goals.

We heard “Eid”, the muslim festival is predicted to happen on Thursday or Friday which would mean we get one day off, but the crazy part is until 11 pm tonight we wouldn’t know if it is in fact “Eid”. We are indeed looking for the long weekend as an ideal possibility, but we have our work cut out in the event of a day off.

Some of the team members are planning a day out this weekend maybe to the Safari or beautiful “Jinja”, but fingers crossed on the volume of homework. African pop is just ‘too cool’, and the girls in our team are quite excited to burn a CD from the chauffeurs. cheers to that!

Keyword of the day: Look out for the moon! : )
Factoid of the day: Matoki: a food made from the inner pulp of a green banana. It is cooked over an open fire wrapped in banana leaves and served at any time of the day. The people of Uganda love their Matoki!

DAY 4-Team ROM- ‘Communication and Teamwork’.

Time management seems to be a challenge for our participants, as we were meant to start at 9am, but actually only started at 9:45.  Also, breaks that are meant to be 5-15 minutes end up being 30-40 minutes.  Saying that they will commit to change seems to be different from honouring  their commitment to change.

Today’s workshop began by recapturing the skills learnt yesterday (which the participants seemed to understood very well), and then we gave an ‘Effective Communication” presentation, which was followed by a problem solving card game activity.  This game was intended for the participants to utilise these effective communication skills and to solve the problem as a team.  Next, we gave a presentation on Teamwork, and then broke the participant into teams to collectively come to a decision regarding a rescue operation exercise.

Our hope is that by re-designing the ‘Alliance’ with the participants, that they will honour time and be committed to change.  The seeds have been planted and the rain is expected to come soon……………

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