Today 9th Sep 2010, turned out to be one of the most interesting and eventful days of our trip. First Team KCCC (Ozlem and Arvind) were involved in a minor crash when our transport car was hit from behind. None of us were injured but the car was damaged both in the front and back. Richie (our driver) was frustrated and lamented about why the jeep behind us was rushing. We noticed something during the process, that the drivers were quite cordial, relatively speaking, and we were surprised to see that there were no words exchanged, just insurance details and phone numbers. Anyway, the rest of the day for Team KCCC was incredible when we visited the KVTC (Kyebando Vocational Training Center) with our friendly liaison at KCCC Paul Matovu. On our way back we passed the community of Kamwokya and it was a sight that any volunteer to Kampala must see. The sanitation of these temporary home built in these wetland areas was poor and possibly a breeding ground for epidemics during the rainy season when the drainage spills over the streets. We felt like our hands were tied when we learnt from Paul that, the government doesn’t intend to do anything to fix the situation. KCCC, the charity we work with has a school, the child welfare dept, and the youth center right in the middle of this area, and do their bit to help improve the situation. We waved and smiled at the kids playing in the area as they called us “Muzungu” which means “foreigner” in Luganda, the local language.

Team ROM (Leanne, Divya and Balaji), we should say had a rather bittersweet day as they crawled their way through some really muddled organizational change topics with the senior management of the ‘Reach Out Mbuya” charity. We are proud to say that Team ROM is quite determined to crack the code at ROM by going at it all next week. The rest of the group offered support and encouragement to our embattled yet brave colleagues.

In the evening, the team decided to hangout in downtown Uganda to break the tough routine. It turns out they had a blast visiting an Indian restaurant ‘Tandoori’, turkish restaurant and a club to chill to some great African music. All teams except Team KCCC have their day off on Friday, and are looking to have a balanced weekend full of work and fun activities.

Keyword of the day: DETERMINATION!
Factoid of the day: kids call us “Muzungu” which means “foreigner” in Luganda!

more updates on the weekend soon.

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