Every day starts as a challenge, but by the end, the sun has been shinning brightly.  However, today the sun did not shine too brightly.

Today’s theme was ‘Teamwork and Process’.

We started the day with an ‘Object’ activity, namely designing a product, its use and benefits as a team.  This activity was followed by a Process and Quality Control presentation.  Afterwards, we took the participants through a visual process of how requests move through the organisation and where the blockages could be and how quality control could support their efforts utilising their limited resources more efficiently.  This exercise was most useful as it allowed the participants to see the steps involved, and the interactions between the different departments, as well as give all a better understanding of the over-all process.  Following this activity, each department then discussed where they could streamline their own processes and came up with suggestions for better internal quality control systems as well as external ones.

The workshops are proving to be successful, however, it is a challenge to get senior management committed to the process and to ensure that they are present during the workshops.  There is much resistance to change, time management and carrying out commitments.

So I guess for Team ROM, we too are going through a process and look forward to seeing what magic will be created from this…….

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