Crunch Time

In three weeks I will have finished all of my assignments and exams with the exception of my dissertation which is due in September. In the midst of studying and finalising reports, I had what many students, particularly procrastinating perfectionists like myself get – a full-blown panic attack. Despite putting in the hard work and missing out on much needed sleep, I had ungrounded doubts that I would perform up to my own standards (which are unrealistically high at times).

In my defence I did find something new to worry about – finding a job. I mean it’s the reason why I (and most of my cohort – not all, I do have doubts about the motives of some) decided to do the MBA programme in the first place! So in the midst of studying for my Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility exam, which is in a few days, I dropped everything and got hard at work on updating my CV and profile on LinkedIn.

It was a task I had been postponing for quite some time giving myself the excuse that I needed to give it my ‘undivided attention’. Then the realisation hit me that in a world where we are constantly connected, juggling work, studies, family, a social life (I wish), and other things, attention is almost always divided!

I suppose we often put so much pressure on ourselves to get these done as best as we possibly can that we forget that the standards we set for ourselves are sometimes much higher than those others set for us. Sometimes a job 80% done and crossed off the ‘to do’ list is better than one that is a 100% done on the expense of having a ‘to do’ list for the ‘to do’ list that never ends!

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