Wow what an incredible experience this module has turned out to be! As part of the Social Entrepreneurship elective module various class mates and myself travelled to Kampala, Uganda for two weeks to work as management consultants with various non-profit organisations in partnership with The Great Generation charity. We were tasked with delivering key objectives to support their strategies in dealing with the impacts of the deadly and highly prevalent HIV/AIDS, TB and Cancer. There were various challenges to overcome but we were united in our ultimate aim to utilise our skills to add value and enable them to achieve sustainable benefits.

Aside from working on strategic plans and delivering training our time there proved to be a humbling experience. On the Kamwokya Christian Caring Community (KCCC) project our visit to the slums brought tears to our eyes as even though conditions were terrible one little orphan still smiled and talked to us about her aspirations to be a nurse to help others. We later found out that many children had unrealised dreams due to poverty and life struggles and this reinforced to us the necessity of these organisations in providing care and hope to local communities. Another group worked with an organisation called Kwampe Home Care (KHC) where not only do the medical team provide care for their clients in their homes but clients are also provided with opportunities to escape the poverty trap by being given start up capital in the form of piglets to create pig farms of their own and training to make beads from paper which are sold through various outlets. Other members also worked with another organisation called Reach Out Mbuya (ROM).

I will never forget this unique experience. It has opened my eyes as well as enabling me to develop key strengths and skills that I shall utilise in the future. I am still touched at the goodbye speech the KCCC director gave on our last day – that we were part of the team and would go forward to represent the organisation as ambassadors in the UK. What an honour.

I already miss my Ugandan friends but although we are far apart we are still in contact and I continue to support their plight from here. For me, this module is a unique selling point for the Westminster MBA programme and I urge future MBA students to grasp this amazing opportunity and share in our group philosophy aptly summed up by the following Chinese proverb:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”


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  • This is a great article! Thanks Nyree. I sure hope more people take go on this mission, and spread the word!

    I’ve been chatting with Erin this past week, and we should be planning a meet up of the Kampala Westminster gang soon, may be late Summer.

  • Excellent article. A true reflection of our experiences and I echo the sentiments expressed. The elective brings together all the skills learnt to date on the MBA programme so it was beneficial to its participants as well as those in receipt of our services.

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