Our Chinese adventure

Having secured the opportunity to go to China as part of our MBA international study trip a few of us grasped the chance to extend our trip and travel a week earlier to explore Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Myself and Hina from the September 2010 cohort, joined with Kruthi and Nandha from the January 2011 cohort and experienced one of the most awe-inspiring trips ever. The highlight for me was definitely standing on the Great Wall of China – as you can imagine totally breath taking! Nyree


Highlights from Hina:

The world’s largest sitting Buddha in Hong Kong was another favourite spot of mine. Climbing the 200 stairs on a very hot day was challenging…but it was well worth it. Once at the top, you can gaze at the beautiful statue and take in the scenic view of the island. A great place to meditate…especially since we have dissertations to complete!

I had my 5 minutes of fame in Beijing at the Badling Great Wall. I went in as a tourist and walked out like a celebrity. Our group was mobbed by other tourists who wanted to take photos with us. After numerous photo shoots, we got to see what is named the greatest ‘man-made wonders of the world.’ It was absolutely breath taking. You could see the wall weaving through the mountains far into the distance. It was peaceful at some spots….you can look over the wall and see the misty sky falling over the mountains.

In Shanghai we went to the hairdressers. Trying to tell the hairdresser that I wanted a wash, cut and blow dry was hilarious. We had to use actions and sound effects to get the message across!


Kruthi provides details about the trip:

On 16th of June we landed in Guangzhou airport all set to enjoy our break by visiting various parts of China. It was a hot and humid day and we all started sweating as soon as we stepped out to catch our first train to Shanghai. All of a sudden it started drizzling and the cab driver showed us the way to entrance and we headed towards our train. It was the first time for few of us to travel on a train for 19 hours (!). Yeah, it sounds strange but we did that by watching movies and chatting for long hours. After reaching Shanghai, we decided to roam around without the travel guide as half the day had already passed. We walked towards the people square which was a long straight road just like a shopping street. All we girls had the plans to shop till we drop. But walking all the way till Nanjing road, which was the main shopping area, we were almost exhausted. Once we reached the place we found it so lively that we got back our energy to do window shopping and more. We did our best to finish soon and get back to our rooms as we had to wake up early the following day. The next day was a long day full of site seeing and some shopping. We visited the Jade Buddha, Huangpu River, Xintiandi, Old Yuyuan Garden and Yu Market. We found Yu Market to be a great place to shop for souvenirs, dresses and jewellery; this made us spend another day at the market just to shop! The next destination we headed to was Beijing. It’s believed that the biggest changes were brought about by the 2008 Olympics. We visited the famous Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Silk Market, Tea Ceremony and The Great Wall of China. I have never seen a country with such spirit and innovation. The majority of the buildings, streets and lanes looked so modernised and clean. We then visited Hong Kong where living expenses are high but its a very lovely city, which is a colony of the British Empire. We visited posh pubs, Ladies market, Hong Kong Island, Fishing village, the beach, gold market, Victoria Peak and the Giant Buddha. Hong Kong is known as one of the world’s leading international financial centres and we were impressed with their highly developed transportation network. Their International airport is a leading air passenger gateway and logistics hub in Asia and one of the world’s busiest airports. We are back home now but still think of this amazing and astonishing trip because of what we saw, what we learnt, who we met, who we travelled with and the experience we had. Chinese culture, history and the way they treat their guests is highly noticeable and interesting. Last but not the least, the internationally popular Chinese cuisine and distinctive lychees were mind-blowing!

 We would all like to thank Westminster University for providing us with this amazing opportunity! 

Nandha, Nyree, Kruthi & Hina

The Giant Buddha
The Giant Buddha



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