Individual Diversity

 Over the past few weeks, I have been learning much about team building, diversity, and conflict in the workplace. Many questions have been brought up regarding the importance of culture in an organization. It seems to me that the following… more

MBA in Practise

When I surface out of the subway of the underground tube, I evidently see myself emerging at one end of the Waterloo station, near platform 16 and staring at the long hallway across to the other end where, typically, trains… more
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MBA thinking Hats

MBA – Served HOT

Here’s my take on the week it was… We were bombarded with rigorous lectures right from day one, as the first official study week unravelled on Monday September 26, 2011, after the introductory fanfare ended in the gone by week…. more
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My First MBA Lesson

From the early career days onwards we have been conditioned to believe that being open, and extroverted are not only desirable, but necessary characteristics if you want to climb the corporate ladder, reach senior positions and ultimately, succeed in the… more
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A Novice’s Impressions

Despite best efforts, the amount of control we exercise on our future is difficult to ascertain, perhaps negligible. Exercising best choice as per the existing circumstances  is part of the survival instinct. A transition in this process is never easy… more
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Bloomberg Financial Suite

Let Battle Commence!

So it’s the end of week one and I somehow feel like the proverbial nut which has been cracked by the hammer! After the lovely meander which should be referred to as ‘induction week’ I am now knee deep in… more
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