A Novice’s Impressions

Despite best efforts, the amount of control we exercise on our future is difficult to ascertain, perhaps negligible. Exercising best choice as per the existing circumstances  is part of the survival instinct. A transition in this process is never easy and the fear of unknown always haunts the decision making process. From “Guns to Dollars” (not Roses, unfortunately for most literary amongst us), was not an easy decision at all. Even after the decision, I never thought it would be an easy affair to go through the process to join a university in such a short span of time however it happened quite smoothly, contrary to the anticipation.

Neither the UK nor the academic environment is stranger for me but venturing into an area altogether different from what consumed two decades of my life was bit perturbing. Nonetheless meeting new people including classmates and faculty was an exciting and encouraging experience. I probably am the odd man out as every one else has somewhat business background whereas I do not carry any formal interaction in this sphere of activity.

The first week was more of administrative in nature however the Saturday’s introductory classes were a positive contribution for the preparation to meet the challenge ahead. It was heavy and bit rushed through but probably by design as the subsequent days will provide  ample opportunities to deliberate upon the ideas, when the main course starts.

University campus is at an ideal location from all perspectives, administrative, approach; fun whatever a student can wish for however the surrounding is expansive. The University refractory is making all possible arrangements to make up the deficiency and appears to be pretty much engaged.

An honest comparison with the other universities I have attended/visited would make me comment on the compactness of the campus which is squeesed in a small piece of real estate yet the class rooms are adequately spacious and equipped to facilitate learning. If you are an ‘Oxford’ / ‘Harvard’ type probably it is a wrong place for you however for those measuring value for money I feel dividends outweigh the odds.

26 Sep 2011

Formally first day of the university which commenced with the Leading and Managing People. The subject heretofore was probably known as OB. I just wonder what difference does it really make to coin new terms, it’s like selling old things in new packing. Probably a new way to sell the academic debate which thrives on coining such terms and promoting it through a so called intellectual exercise, however little there may be differentiate in essence.

The subject was not new to me, quite familiar in theory and practice. I got introduced to some new theories but they need deliberation before I could actually comment on their practical as well as intellectual value, in light of the experience I carry. Mr. Dave did justice to delivery irrespective of the fact that the university IT has not been supportive of his effort. The group exercises and brainstorming were quite revealing and informative with regards to wealth and multitude of information, each one of us carries.

27 Sep 2011

Accounting and finance was order of the day. Mr. Healeas was quite captivating in his output, it was worth spending a day. Market and stock exchanges had never been so meaningful for me to decipher and understand. I always avoided the corner of business page of a newspaper while failing to make sense out of the enlisted figures as these were much of a riddle for me to solve for quite a long. However the awkward looking lines and jigsaw puzzle of the figures have started making sense to me as I now feel educated to make incisive analysis and probe them as desired.

28 Sep 2011

Creating Customer Value has some traces of  Marketing in it but again its one of the technique to brand your intellectual exercise. Dr Felicity is impressive in her demeanor besides being an enthusiast  who wants her audience to understand every bit of her delivery. Guess what, she is pretty much successful in it.

It was a tiring day though as every one of the cohorts felt being subjected to too much of information beyond the absorptive capacity. Probably it is a race against the time in one year’s full time MBA, where the faculty has to ensure enough of information (not knowledge) is disseminated down our throats. How do we capitulate it is our headache but this is nothing different from the previous masters degrees I had undergone. Time would always be in short supplies with too much to be leapt.

29 Sep 2011

Statistics and Quantitative Analysis appears to be much more pronounced in utility for a business career. Not withstanding the metaphor ‘lies, super lies and statistics’ the subject has real value for the analysis and forecasting. In the military judgment and decision making, numbers were undeniably important however the real decision making entailed cognisance of numerous variable which are indeed not tangible or else it would be correct to say that the speed of decision making does not permit to follow a prescribed mathematical or statistical model, quite opposite to this arena of the human activity where decision making is almost impossible without it.

Ann Thappar made her way in a rush but she was attentive towards the details and ensured that we carried the crux of information vital for us. New vistas of excel which were heretofore undiscovered told me how simple it was to make sense out of a complicated pile of the data. Thank you Ann, you made it happen.

The afternoon was exciting for me (may be frightening for some) as we had to present our analyses of the articles given to us. I enjoy presenting the things, thanks to the intensive staff training in the military; it has never been an issue with me. I must commend Dr Sue the way she gets every one involved and makes difficult things look simple and easy. The confidence in the team and in our ability to present was a visible outcome and achieved in a short space of time.

PS: The author owns the responsibility of opinion and impressions exclusively and assures these are subject to change, dissent of cohorts is a pre-condition for comments, please.


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