Individual Diversity

 Over the past few weeks, I have been learning much about team building, diversity, and conflict in the workplace. Many questions have been brought up regarding the importance of culture in an organization. It seems to me that the following factors are all interrelated:

• Diversity of group or organization
• Effective team building in order to maximize the strengths of each individual
• Healthy conflict among team members in order to explore all directions in which a company can develop
• A culture which accepts and encourages development of individuals and relationships leading to more productive employees and innovation

By taking the 4G assessment, I was forced to evaluate the characteristics that I possess and can offer to a group or organization. Some were obvious and some were challenging. What I found most interesting was that I chose many conflicting adjectives to describe myself. For example, I stated that I was modest but also sought attention and recognition. I rated myself as outgoing but also quiet. For me, these characteristics coexist and I am able to manage my different moods or qualities as I see appropriate. However, with a computer generated system unable to understand how I could be two opposite things, it made me also question if I was really one or the other and just attempting to be both because my workplace or society demanded that of me. I have had limited exposure to working consistently on a team and am very curious to know if this type of work setting would allow me to gravitate towards being more introverted or extroverted. I see it being possible in that I would be able to develop my own strengths and rely on another team member with different strengths to fill in the gaps, instead of trying to be strong in all areas. I am looking forward to developing my personal skills by getting the exposure to diversity, team building, and healthy conflict that I have already seen early in the MBA environment.

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