Arrived in Mumbai

Four out of the five of us arrived in Mumbai on Saturday. None of us had visited India before, but we all felt we’d prepared well. On arrival at Mumbai airport I was quite surprised to see how close a slum area came to the airport. It was then that it dawned on me that this trip was going to be quite an experience.

By the time we’d made it through immigration and met Jenni from the Great Generation, our pre-booked taxi had decided to leave. We had to make use of the local Mumbai taxis to get to our accommodation. The taxis are mostly about 30 years old (probably even older), but very cute. Everyone on the road is always using their horns. Even if there’s nothing in their way they’ll use their horns. There doesn’t seem to be anything way of rules of the road, instead it’s simply every man for himself.

We spent yesterday afternoon getting our bearings and ate our first Indian meal at a local café. Conscious of what may befall us if we eat or drink something we shouldn’t, we’re all still feeling OK.

Our meeting with the Arpan CEO has been delayed until Sunday afternoon, so we took the opportunity to visit a local market. We were all amazed at the enterprise shown by the stall-holders. There were people making whatever money they could from whatever they could find. They certainly seem to have mastered the art of recycling.

Our meeting with the Arpan CEO (see, we are working!) went well and she was able to answer loads of questions we had regarding our projects. We now have lots of work to do. We’ll write more about the projects over the next fews, so I’ll say goodbye for now.

Fund raising has been part of this module, so please visit our JustGiving page if you would like to make a donation. Thanks.

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