It’s a week now since we arrived in Mumbai. The good news is that Emily has been able to join us, so we’re now  up to full compliment.

We’ve achieved quite a lot in our first week, with two business plans well under way. The project Jury and I have been working on is to scale up Arpan’s  Personal Safety Education (PSE) module as well as their Training of Teachers (ToT) module.

The PSE module requires the commitment of the schools or institution managers i.e. principals. Once they’re on-board the teachers are invited for training, so they can carry on the modules once Arpan have moved on. With teachers trained, parents are invited to hear all about the modules that will be conducted with their children. The children will then have 6 one hour sessions where they’re instructed on the various ways to keep themselves safe. Any children identified as suffering from sexual abuse are given counseling sessions, either by the school in-house counselors or by Arpan’s trained counselors. Follow-up session are then offered to parents to see how the lessons with their children have gone.

The Tot module is a more intense training program for teachers. Over 4 days Arpan staff provide teachers with the knowledge that will enable them to conduct the PSE module within their own schools themselves.

With Mumbai being such a huge city, our scale-up plans for both modules are going to require time to implement, so we’re looking at ways to scale-up in the short, medium and long-term. I’ll let you know how we get on next week. In the meantime we’re seeing some of the sights on our weekend off.



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