My objective of doing an MBA is not just about better myself but I always wish to help and educate as many people as possible in the near future. Social Entrepreneurship is one of the MBA modules which lead me in this direction. Besides, it is also a module which we could practically apply acquired skills during MBA to project with a local
charity organisation, such as Arpan, a local charity organisation based in Mumbai. Arpan deals with child sexual abuse through prevention and healing activities. Richard and I were assigned to work on the scale up plan for Arpan’s school

In the days since my arrival in Mumbai I have noticed a number of contrasting things:

1) Many poor people on the street but very rich culture in the city.

2) Poor street hawkers sitting on the floor in front of branded shop.

3) One decent renovated and decorated shop next to many rundown shops.

4) News article about 49% pay rises for some corporate bosses to millions, in the same day, I saw street hawker selling a pair of children shoes at Rs 50 (~65 pence – how much is their profit?).

These contrasts are not just happen in India but also many parts of the world I believe. It reminded me about the wealth distribution and corporate social responsibility during one of the Corporate Governance lectures.  This experience is
very valuable to me and I think these are some of the very important concerns for
all MBA students, as we will be the future leaders be it as an entrepreneur, or
in management in the corporate or government sector. I believe we can create a
better future, if we want to.

Fund raising has been part of this module, so please visit our Just Giving page if you would like to support the project. Thank you.

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