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When I was told we were meeting at Madame Tussauds on Saturday morning for our Leading and Managing People weekend lecture, I thought it was pretty strange to visit this tourist attraction as part of our MBA program. As I found out a couple of minutes later we were going to catch the bus for Windsor right in front of the world famous wax museum, and spend the whole weekend there.

The bus ride was very interesting although there were no soccer chants. I saw the snow for the second time since I arrived in the UK. We arrived at Windsor after an hour and this beautiful town was all cover in the whitest snow I had ever seen. It was -11 Celsius degrees outside and -17 the night before. For a Caribbean person like my self, it felt like I was at the North Poll. I even remember the movie from 1993 “Cool Runnings”, as I was feeling like one of the members of the Jamaican bobsleigh team. It was beautiful but it was freezing.

I ran into the hotel and soon we began with all the activities related to the Leading and Managing People Module. We were set into 3 groups of 7. The task was to create an inventive strategy to evaluate behavior on those from the other two opposite teams. We were given 24 hours to do so, and trust me; it almost took us that much time. The morning after, it was also very stimulating and kind of amusing, as we got to see the inventive ways to evaluate behavior that the other teams had come up with.

On Sunday afternoon, as the snow was melting, we took our bus and headed back to London, back to reality. Although, we didn’t have the chance of visiting the Winsor Castle or Legoland, some of us are actually planning to come back and see the rest of it.

I had a great time and like I didn’t arrive at the beginning of the program, this was an opportunity for me to get to know the rest of my classmates a little better or better said to begin to get to know them at all. It turns out our MBA program is full with kind and fascinating people from all around the world. Getting to know them was one of my goals when I enrolled for the MBA at Westminster.


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