Here at University of Westminster Business School we are proud to have an MBA community which is beautifully rich in international diversity that brings together students from all over the world. The best way to bond with your colleagues and build ever lasting relations is satisfying their rumbling stomachs with a delicious home cooked meal they’ve never tried before. This is exactly what our cohort did when we organized a big international lunch at university to celebrate the end of our semester; it was a festivity of diversity and an introduction to our various cultures and cuisines from all over the world.

The handsome Hanson with the class banner

We also invited all the master students next door for the get-together as everyone wants an excuse to get to meet new people, try new things and have a party!

University of Westminster MBA International Lunch

At the end of the lunch, we visually combined our diversity on a banner with newfound memories of drawings and names in our different languages.To top it off, we strolled together to the famous Regents Park which is just a few minutes away from our campus to enjoy the rare sunny day! While the lazy ones fed ducks and relaxed by the lake, others rented paddleboats, and burnt off some calories!

Hard at work on paddle boats in Regent's Park

If you would like to have a taste of our truly international menu please take a look at the selection down below

International Menu

This blog post is written by Nermin Hesham Abdel-Rahim Hassan who studies at the University of Westminster MBA Full-Time Program

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