Heading to Moscow….

The study trip to Moscow is fast approaching, 20 eager students including me will be travelling on Sunday May 27th to learn about culture, business and life in Moscow. I must say that I am really pumped and excited to go to the heart of Russia, former Soviet bloc and communist country. The stories you hear about Russia coming from the West could be grim. Political corruption abound, cases of cultural intolerance, huge divide between the rich & poor, power and control over its neighbours and the list goes on. Sadly, I am not going to Moscow to learn about all that gloomy stuff, I am going to Moscow to have a good time. I am going to experience the vava voom of a BRIC nation, learn about the huge gas reserves and GAZPROM, the brilliance of Russian people and how they have shaped the world one way or the other. I can’t be sure of the motives of the 19 other students coming on the trip.

Watch this space ! Once we return from our International MBA study trip in Moscow, we will share our experiences online with some amazing photos.

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