I have been offered scholarship from number of universities in the UK like Nottingham University, University of Salford, Kingston University and University of Westminster. Finally I have made my decision and I have chosen University of Westminster which is located in the heart of London. London is a city of cultural diversity, with a number of tourist points like Marble Arch, Hyde Park, famous Oxford Street and Madam Tussaud. London is a major financial centre for international business and commerce as number of corporations have their headquarters in London. So finally I have decided to join University of Westminster, which is adding unique experience of personal and professional development to my mid-career approach.

Muhammad Ismail at the International Scholarship Reception WBS

University of Westminster is a unique social experience for me as it is rich in its cultural diversity . The University is home to students from 140 Nations, where I have got an opportunity to meet people from different nations to learn the different cultural aspects. I have a diverse cultural MBA cohort of people from Germany, US, UK, India, Philippians, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Albania, Kashmir and Pakistan.

The Westminster Business School is fully equipped with financial laboratory like Bloomberg Platform, which is a major global provider of 24hour financial news and information including real-time and historic price data, financials data, trading news and analyst coverage, as well as general news and sports. Its services, which span their own platform, television, radio and magazines, offer professionals analytic tools.

The teaching Factuality at Westminster Business School is one of the best throughout my academic career. I am surrounded with friendly  teachers like Simon healeas, David Barnes and Nicholas Lambrou who have always treated me as their friend with the honest advice to reshape my professional thinking. Finally I can say that University of Westminster is just like my second home where I have enjoyed my study.

This blog post is written by Muhammad Ismail a current MBA student at University of Westminster Business School.


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